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May 27 2003
Hey just wanted to let you know the CPU over-utilization problems are more or less fixed in the latest version (0.91) so check it out.
-Ari - May 27 2003
It's fixed in version 0.91. - May 27 2003
Note for anyone else having any problems with this: Perry and I worked out what the problem was, and now I have a fix for it which will be in the next version, so sit tight... - May 23 2003
Actually, after playing around with having this in for a little bit, I'm no longer so sure that I want to use this implementation..the problem is that now it will group together unrelated tasks which happen to have some common letters: it's putting my gvim and gv in the same group. I think instead I will give the option to specify multiple AltName= lines in the .desktop file and to store those as a list. - May 23 2003
Cool, good idea. It'll be in the next version, along with an icon for The GIMP to demonstrate its use. - May 22 2003
I don't really know anything about how this would work in Superkaramba, and have no way to really test anything out. Do you know of any other scripts that already do this that I could model it after?
Thanks. - May 22 2003
Done. Enjoy :)
-Ari - May 18 2003
Good idea, I was definitely thinking that it would be a good idea to completely revise that area, so I'll definitely have to look into this PyXMMS.
-Ari - May 18 2003
I actually didn't really change much from the .desktop file loading from the original DynBar...all I did was add in the ability to add the line AltName= which I find pretty handy, and I changed the way it loads in icons a bit. It should still ignore all the extra lines without a problem.

Could you be more specific about what is happening? What files are causing problems and what are the exact problems? Feel free to e-mail me if it's easier (so that you can attach the files that are messing it up), or just paste in the contents of the files from the Files/ directory in here.
-Ari - May 18 2003
>> 1. Is it possible to change the colour of the text that pops up? I can't find anything obvious in the python script, although I know very little about python, so might need a little guidance on where to find this.

I'll try to remember to make this variable to make it easier to change in future versions, but for now if you just search for "255" you should find a few lines where it sets the text color...there are 3 numbers, the first is amount of red, the 2nd is amount of green, 3rd is amount of blue. The line with 255, 255, 255 is all white, if it was 0, 0, 0 it would be black, 255, 0, 0 is red, 0, 255, 0 is green, etc.

>> 2. This theme keeps my cpu at about 15%. Is this normal? Is there anyway to reduce the cpu usage?

The easiest way would be to turn off smooth zooming or (probably more desirable) to disable the background image, both of which you can now do via the right-click menu..Of course, it will look a bit uglier that way. Hopefully I'll get future versions a bit more efficient, but in all likelihood it will always be a bit of a cpu hog with all the effects on. - May 17 2003
I'm not sure how feasible it would be to make some sort of graphical sub-menu system, and while it sounds interesting, I don't think I really have the time or inclination to do this.
However, check out the new version. I realize this overlaid text menu isn't the feature you wanted but somehow your post helped spark the idea. Perhaps I could add in a way to let you add in entries into that list of text options so that it would function in a way similar to what you were thinking (ie, instead of just having a list of text of instances to switch to, there could be text for programs to launch)...would that be useful at all? (no promises, though)
-Ari - May 16 2003
I'm not sure if I completely understand what you're thinking, but you actually just gave me a kind of interesting idea that I might be able to get working. I'm picturing some kind of text menu that shows up overlayed over the image when you move your mouse over it. I'll see if I can make some progress on that this weekend. - May 15 2003
Damn, I was afraid that would happen. The problem is that the Noia icon theme that I use has an icon called x.png which I use as the default icon. Some other themes call this xapp.png.
Try changing line 125 from:
createIcon(widget, "x", iconNum, "")
createIcon(widget, "xapp", iconNum, "")
or, if that doesn't work the name of some other default icon you'd like to use. - May 14 2003
Hey, I'm trying to figure out if there's a good way to get the name of the current song to display...
Unfortunately the only way I'm aware of is to put it in the .theme file which would mean not having the cool little "role-in/role-out" feature of the bar..instead it would just always be expanded (if xmmsBar is enabled). What do you think? Or do you know another way around the issue? - May 12 2003
The linkfilePath should be the /Files/ subdirectory of wherever you extracted my script to. Make sure the directory "/home/myuser/Karamba/AriDynBar/Files" exists.

If it does exist and you're still getting this problem it's possible that there's just some kind of error in the script, in which case karamba should hopefully output an error message (try running it from a konsole window if you're not already). If that's the case, let me know the error you're getting. - May 11 2003
Debian unstable package of SuperKaramba

Karamba & Superkaramba 12 comments

by moto
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Jul 10 2003
Nice, looks like it works now. Thanks!
-Ari - May 22 2003
Hey, I'm still getting the same error as with 0.25, that I never got before then...

Setting up superkaramba (0.26-1) ...
cannot create dhelp file '/usr/share/doc/superkaramba/html/.dhelp': No such file or directory
dpkg: error processing superkaramba (--install):
subprocess post-installation script returned error exit status 2
Errors were encountered while processing:

I got this response before:

Re: Re: Re: for debian s
by vslick on: 05/17/2003, 9:50

hi yeah the error message is to do with linking the help files.

in the rules file u have to hash out :

# dh_installdocs

like above. i think its line 79. after doing that it wont give errors about the .dhelp file.

moto if u still want what i was doing i can forward it on to you.

So is that something that I have to do or that you should do when making the package? Thanks.
-Ari - May 21 2003
Debian woody package of SuperKaramba

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Oct 21 2003
sorry, i have no experience with package this my fault (the user) or the creator of the packages fault? If the former, what do I have to do to fix it? If the latter, then what is going on? - May 19 2003
Nice, I was waiting for this.
Unfortunately, though, I'm getting an error that I never got with any of the 0.23 or lower sid packages posted above:
# dpkg -i superkaramba_0.25-1_i386.deb
(Reading database ... 128726 files and directories currently installed.)
Preparing to replace superkaramba 0.23-1 (using superkaramba_0.25-1_i386.deb) ...
Unpacking replacement superkaramba ...
Setting up superkaramba (0.25-1) ...
cannot create dhelp file '/usr/share/doc/superkaramba/html/.dhelp': No such file or directory
dpkg: error processing superkaramba (--install):
subprocess post-installation script returned error exit status 2
Errors were encountered while processing:

Any ideas? - May 14 2003