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Force Blur

Kwin Scripts 27 comments

Score 79.1%
Sep 21 2019
Hmm... Doesnt seem to work for me. I'm trying to blur Spotify and I've tried everything to make it work.... Any help? - Nov 18 2019
XONE CoolFlow

Gnome Shell Themes 28 comments

Score 81.5%
Oct 23 2019
How do you install this? I have put it in the .themes folder but it doesnt show up in GNOME Tweaks. I'm using Dash to Panel and have downloaded the Dash to Panel package. - Sep 01 2019
Candy icons

Full Icon Themes 76 comments

Score 85.0%
Nov 30 2019
Looks absolutely stunning! However, icons like Discord, Spotify and Chromium would probably need a icon seeing how popular they are.
- Aug 31 2019