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Archie Arevalo Changchun, China

Audioplayers by jamboarder 123 comments

Two thumbs up! And a big thank you. ;) - Dec 08 2011
PCLinuxOS - Rolling Ripples 1440 x 900

Wallpapers PCLinuxOS by Sproggy 2 comments

Hi Kori,

I am having a bit of a problem downloading the Rolling Ripple files from

Are there any other download links available?

Thanks for your work! - Apr 25 2008
I have tried to download the file but kept getting the error. - Apr 25 2008
Hey Ruel ... Kori,

That's right. Let's not give in to those kind of attitudes. We have been taught better by texstar.

Keep up the good work. There's us, your friends, who appreciate your work and are very grateful for your time and talent.

Thanks! - Apr 24 2008
Hey Sproggy,

Just want to add my thank you for giving us the widescreen version of Kevlarite. I hope you would be able to do the same with Shards, Dying Embers, A Bit Blue, Orbtal Glass and Orbital Glass Blue. If I missed any of your "sets", I'd be most happy to download them.

Keep up the very good work.

Archie - Mar 24 2008