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A S Wroclaw, Poland

Conky by etiennealaurent 10 comments

Ok that helped - my .fonts.conf was causing problems - thnx.
- Sep 07 2007
OSX-Tiger theme

GTK2 Themes by Lauri 81 comments

I have the same problem - no osx'like toolbars.
sudo apt-get install gtk2-engines-pixbuf

says that I have installed current version of it.

In System -> Preferences -> Themes (sorry but I do not know if this is the same in english ver - I use polish), pressing button "My themes" , there are 4 tabs:
1. Elements (? - nevermind)
2. Colors
3. Toolbars
4. Icons

In 1'st and 4'th I have osx-mod (I installed icon pack with thayt name), but I cannot see something like that name in the 3'rd tab, WHY ?

How can I add/edit something at that place manually ?

Thank you for everything else, your job is wonderful.
- Sep 06 2007

Conky by etiennealaurent 10 comments

Ubuntu 7.04

1. I installed adesklets:
sudo apt-get install adesklets -> ok
2. I installed (unpack to my home dir) LiNsta-Photo
3. Edited & confgiured path in config.txt

and nothing, I get this:

Do you want to (r)egister this desklet or to (t)est it? t
Now testing...
If you do not see anything (or just an initial flicker
in the top left corner of your screen), try `--help',
and see the FAQ: `info adesklets'.
Traceback (most recent call last):
File "./", line 42, in <module>
import adesklets
File "/usr/lib/python2.5/site-packages/adesklets/", line 43, in <module>
raise e
adesklets.error_handler.ADESKLETSError: adesklets interpreter initialization error - Fontconfig error: "~/.fonts.conf", line 1: XML declaration not well-formed

Exception exceptions.AttributeError: AttributeError("'NoneType' object has no attribute 'kill'",) in <bound method _Communicator.__del__ of <adesklets.communicator._Communicator instance at 0xb7c6124c>> ignored


What's up ?

I did this at two different comps - but I it's the same.

- Sep 04 2007