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Adam Laycock
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Wallpaper Other 7 comments

by taner
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Dec 06 2007
Is there a version of this avaliable as a logon screen w/ face browser?

Excelent work on the wall paper - Jan 30 2008
Atlantis Time of Day

Wallpaper Other 6 comments

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Jan 01 2008
its part of the gnome extensions for Fedora 8 im not sure how you would install them on a differnt linux distro - Jan 03 2008
yeah i just used this to test it, i do have a bigger version using a different image but im having a bit of trouble with the night effect. this version will be allot bigger.

I just shared this because id made it and it would be a waste to leave it on my hard drive and no where else - Jan 02 2008
unfortunatley i am unable to make it bigger than 1024x768.

I am working a new version using a different picture of atlantis - Jan 01 2008