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Wallpaper Other by ArbitraryReason 4 comments

Check out - Jan 05 2007
H2 - amarok control

Karamba & Superkaramba by darkclown 7 comments - Aug 04 2006
H2 - amarok control

Karamba & Superkaramba by darkclown 7 comments

Nice idea, but it does look to me on close inspection that the artwork is copied, its not done from scratch...don't know if that presents any issues - Aug 04 2006
Tech Mon

Karamba & Superkaramba by ArbitraryReason 60 comments

I've noticed that sometimes the album cover image is not displayed, the work around I use is just to refresh the the karamba theme, right click on the theme and select refresh, this seems too solve the problem.

This problem only seems to occur when the theme is started before amarok, I'm looking into a better solution, will post with update. - Apr 04 2006
XMMS Skin - SeaMaster

XMMS Skins by ArbitraryReason 12 comments

Thanks man :), this theme took like 3 weeks of my life, so its good to see that some people appreciate my work! again thanks.... - Mar 12 2006
XMMS Skin - SeaMaster

XMMS Skins by ArbitraryReason 12 comments

The Icons you see in the screen shot are some what customized, the base theme is the black icon set which can be found in this site, if you require the extras I've created, mail me, and I'll pass them along. - Mar 12 2006
Tech Mon

Karamba & Superkaramba by ArbitraryReason 60 comments

TL = Total CPU Usage, Thanks for the comments, Much appreciated ! :) - Feb 21 2006
Removed background!

Various Stuff by Goduser 13 comments

Look, lets get to the point, I hate the way Christians think they can spout there belief that if others in this world regardless of there own religion, don't believe in Jesus they will end up in a place called hell and be in pain for all eternity.

Please; this is just wrong on so many levels....

And lets cut even deeper hear, I did not ask to be born, no divinity has appeared to me, or sent me any indication that they exist, or outlined the way I should life my life, there are hundreds of religions, what makes yours sooo fucking special ????

I don't care about your god, I don't and will not believe in such retarded shit.

And whats this about no matter what good you do in life, it counts for naught in your gods eyes unless you are a believer in Christ.....

Like I care what god thinks, I don't believe god thinks full stop, come to think about there is no god, what is he doing if there is one, just taking score and throwing souls to hell, what kind of god is that??

Unless he show his ass and proves what you Christians have been bleating about to me personally and explains his lack of concern for the human race in totality, for all aspects he is no better than his so called demonic counterpart...

Its all bullshit anyway, I'm questioning myself as I write this. FFS

So, for go the long and tire sum reply and just answer me this;

A man is born on a island that has not been approached by Christianity, he leads a good life, kind to people, has a good marriage raises good children, does many good deeds in his life, then as nature would have it he dies, WHAT happens to his soul according to your just and loving god ??

If this is the kind of secular doctrine you take pride and happiness in promoting to the world, I think you need help, and I hope that when you die, there is just oblivion as I believe, cus if there is anything after and it does not match your faith, your in for a big shock. - Jan 29 2006
Hell Hath No Fury......

Wallpaper Other by Babel_double 13 comments

Original Work?, In any case it very well done.

Can't wait to see what the Bible Bangers will say about this!!! LMFAO

I voted Hell Yeh! ;) - Jan 16 2006

KDE Plasma Screenshots by cariceo 11 comments

I don't get, why not just use windows full stop! I know its only cosmetic, but it just makes my skin creep! sorry ! - Jan 09 2006

Education Apps by joachim 97 comments

Same old.....

Faith is not proof, and any way Einstein did not believe in Jesus, he was Jewish..... remember!

Christ did not meet any of the criterion qualifying the Messiah layout in the old testament. Not that I care or believe, but just quoting scripture, since you seems to believe nothing else.

Christianity and Islam both piggy back on the Jewish faith, and both appear to be selective users of the old testament, selecting only the parts that suit there needs.

Of course you have to count the Old Testament, Jesus died for the sins of man, that apparently started with Adam and Eve "Old Testament", so with out it, there is no new testament, But the old testament does not recognize Jesus of Nazareth as the son of Jehovah.

Bit of a problem me thinks...

So tell me, Do you think all the Jews, Muslims and Buddhists are going to hell, Please, I would like your thoughts on this as a christian, If so, I say what a loving compassionate religion you follow, this follow me or suffer torture for eternity bullshit is no better than sadistic religious brow beating. - Jan 09 2006
Satan Saves

Wallpaper Other by Babel_double 15 comments

If your a Satanist, Then Yes!, and its wallpaper not code, just thought I'd point that out! - Jan 06 2006

Education Apps by joachim 97 comments

Well said !

This Christian fundamentalism/creationist malignancy is really becoming a problem, It appears all they are intent on is brow beating with the threat of damnation , is this a tactic to gather the faithful?

Anyway some good news :

On the 7th day God created the Internet!

"The BBC reports that research into evolution's inner working has been named rtop science achievement of 2005 From the article: 'The prestigious US journal Science publishes its top 10 list of major endeavors at the end of each year. The number one spot was awarded jointly to several studies that illuminated the intricate workings of evolution. The announcement comes in the same week that a US court banned the teaching of intelligent design in classrooms.'" - Jan 04 2006
Plastic for deKorator 0.2

deKorator Themes by ArbitraryReason 17 comments - Jan 04 2006
Plastic for deKorator 0.2

deKorator Themes by ArbitraryReason 17 comments

No problem, I will add a separate post containing the 4 files needed and instructions. - Jan 04 2006
Plastic for deKorator 0.2

deKorator Themes by ArbitraryReason 17 comments

Thanks for the feedback Guys, Much appreciated :)

If anybody has any ideas/wish-lists on themes they would like to see created, please let me know, It could save me allot of second guessing what the KDE community Taste is for window decorations. - Jan 04 2006
Removed background!

Various Stuff by Goduser 13 comments

U may find this of interest, ;)

"The BBC reports that research into evolution's inner working has been named rtop science achievement of 2005 From the article: 'The prestigious US journal Science publishes its top 10 list of major endeavors at the end of each year. The number one spot was awarded jointly to several studies that illuminated the intricate workings of evolution. The announcement comes in the same week that a US court banned the teaching of intelligent design in classrooms.'"

Looks like the enemy's of the creation crusade have won a year end victory !

PS: Faith is not proof, can u prove God?, Jesus or the Holy G-string ??? The whole new testament is questionable, just ask any Jew, are all the Followers of Judaism going to hell?, all the Hindus, Buddhists, Catholics, pagans?

Hell was painted in such a way by the christian church anyway, is a scare tactic to gather the faithful, this list goes on and on,
Go scare some more small children with your demons and devil propaganda.......

And just for the record, if you seriously believe that the Universe was created in 6 days 4.5 thousand years ago, and we are the inbred product of just two humans who magically appeared YOU ARE INSANE !

We may not have all the answers to molecular biology "YET", but carbon 14 dating is accurate enough to make the bibles claim nothing but a fairy tale. If you can't acknowledge this, you really do have issues! - Jan 02 2006
Titan-5 for deKorator

deKorator Themes by ArbitraryReason 9 comments

OK Mr positive, let see what you can come up with, or are you just another negative taker, Oh and like anyone really values your opinion !

Go back to Window$ - Jan 02 2006
A Big Thank You

Various KDE 1.-4. Improvements by BorgQueen 35 comments

So its all about some Mexican called Je Sus, Don't tell me there's not a Santa Claus, I can't bear to think about it..... Say it ain't so....

Anyway, its a Christian ploy to eradicate the pagan celebration of Yule, 25th of December, they could not stamp out pagan religion to they tried to overshadow it...

When was Jesus Really Born ??
Biblical scholars readily tell us that it was most likely NOT on December 25th, A.D. 0. Why?

Best Guess: September 29, 5 B.C.

Want the details? Visit the URL below: - Jan 01 2006

Wallpapers KDE Plasma by DigiMax 11 comments

Top quality !, BTW, What app did u use to produce it with ? - Dec 31 2005
Area-51 fix

KDE 3.x Window Decorations by author 1 comment

The reason you are seeing that blank space in the theme is due to the fact that my original was only configured for Min.Max and close button options, Looks like your using shad or help as a fourth option.

If you had replied to the original post I could have taken that onboard.....

Glad u liked the theme enough to develop it to your taste, it looks a bit overdone though, more is less. - Dec 30 2005

Education Apps by joachim 97 comments

You just proved my point... lol

That is, Christian Fundamentalist fanatics can twist the bible to there point of view all day long, there is no black and white in that book its all down to interpretation, How can you have the arrogance to lay claim to the "Correct Context of any passage in the Bible, most biblical scholars openly claim that most context gets lost in the translation from the original Hebrew, most of the new testament started out in Greek and then later Aramaic....its a convoluted mess, And u claim to have the almighty Babel fish answers ! My God !

It is said by scholars of the Jewish faith that Christianity is a false faith as the so call Christian Messiah did not meet any of the old testament conditions.

Argue that with the Jewish faith if you like, of which, "if" I were to adopt a faith, I think Judaism would be it.

Again, what date was Jesus really born on?, or was it changed to stamp out the Pagan festival of Yule ?? along with all the others!

Whole Cultures have lost there heritage and history due to the purging and cover tactics of the christian church, how many witches were put to the stake? only the New testament uses the "Devil, and Hell " as a scare tactic, it's sick in this day and age that people propagate this trash, and especially brow beat small children with it !

I say we have lost far more to Christianity than we will ever gain from it, if anything is Evil in this world it is your use your said faith.

Anyway, research I did not, probably about 20 mins, edifying information about Christian fundamentalist tactics and propaganda is freely available all over the Net, try visiting this page and stating your case with these people and see how far you get, I'd be interested in following your progress.

Some people " strange as you may think" find it offensive to hear what christian creationist/fundamentalists are trying to do, and what they are trying to force into to class rooms and heads of our children.

Was not your previous attempt at this software for MS Windows called Project Sword?

U think the bible is a sword?, a religious weapon? there was a snippet from the bible about living by the sword in my last post was there not!

And as said, Faith is not Proof, God cannot be proved, its that simple, Saul and John both have very shady and checkered history's as researches are finding out, as your faith springs from the writing's of these people, U may find the New testament turned upside down and inside out very very soon. - Dec 27 2005
A Big Thank You

Various KDE 1.-4. Improvements by BorgQueen 35 comments

Just thought I'd add my thanks, Please ignore the idiots totally, by replying to there posts you just add significance to them. - Dec 27 2005

Education Apps by joachim 97 comments

OK Tim Brown U wanted contradictions,

Here are a few:

Should we kill?
Ex. 20:13 Thou shalt not commit murder.
Ex. 32:27 Thus saith the Lord God of Israel, put every man his sword by his side...and slay every man his brother...companion..neighbor.(See also 1 Sam. 6:19; 15:2,3; Num. 15:36)

Ex 20:5 "...for I, the Lord your God, am a jealous God..." (see also Ex 34:14, Deut 4:24, Josh 24:19, and Nah 1:2)
Gal 5:19-20 "Now the deeds of the flesh are evident, which are...jealousy..." (See also 2 Cor 12:20)

Should we tell lies?
Ex. 20:16 Thou shalt not bear false witness.(Prov. 12:22; Rev. 21:8)
1 Kings 22:23 The Lord hath put a lying spirit in the mouth of all these thy prophets, and the Lord hath spoken evil concerning thee. (II Thess. 2:11; Josh. 2:4-6 with James 2:25)

Should we steal?
Ex. 20:15 Thou shalt not steal. (Lev. 19:13)
Ex. 3:22. And ye shall spoil the Egyptians. (Ex. 12:35-36; Luke 19:29-33)

Shall we keep the Sabbath?
Ex. 20:8 Remember the Sabbath day to keep it holy. (Ex. 31:15; Num. 15:32,36)
Is. 1:13 The new moons and the Sabbaths, the calling of assemblies, I cannot away with; it is iniquity. (John 5:16; Matt. 12:1-5)

Shall we make Graven images?
Ex. 20:4. Thou shalt not make unto thee any graven image, or any likeness of anything that is in (Lev. 26:1)
EX. 25:18 And thou shalt make two cherubims of gold, of beaten work shalt thou make them.

Are we "saved" through works?
Eph. 2:8,9 For by grace are ye saved through faith...not of works. (Rom. 3:20, 28; Gal. 2:16)
James 2:24 Ye see then how that by works a man is justified, and not by faith only.(Matt. 19:16-21)

Should good works be seen?
Matt. 5:16 Let your light so shine before men, that they may see your good works. (I Peter 2:12)
Matt. 6:1-4 Take heed that ye do not your alms before men, to be seen of them...that thine alms may be in secret. (Matt. 23:5)

Should we own slaves?
Lev. 25:45-46 Moreover of the children of the strangers that do sojourn among you, of them shall ye buy...and they shall be your possession...they shall be your bondmen forever. (Gen. 9:25; Ex. 21:2,7; Joel 3:8; Luke 12:47; Col. 3:22)
Is. 58:6 Undo the heavy burdens...break every yoke. (Matt. 23:10)

Does God change his mind?
Mal. 3:6. For I am the Lord; I change not. Num. 23:19 God is not a man, that he should lie; neither the son of man, that he should repent. (Ezek. 24:14; James 1:17)
Ex. 32:14. And the Lord repented of the evil which he had thought to do unto his people. (Gen. 6:6; Jonah 3:10; Sam. 2:30-31; II Kings 20:1-6; Num. 16:20-35)

Are we punished for our parent's sins?
Ex. 20:5 For I the Lord thy God am a jealous God, visiting the iniquity of the fathers upon the children unto the third and fourth generations. (Ex. 34:7)
Ezek. 18:20 The son shall not bear the iniquity of the father.

Is God good or evil?
Psa. 145:9. The Lord is good to all. (Deut. 32:4; James 1:13)
Is. 45:7 I make peace and create evil. I the Lord do all these things. (Lam 3:38; Jer. 18:11; Ezek. 20:25)

Is God Peaceable?
John 14:27 Peace I leave with you, my peace I give unto you. (Luke 2:14; Acts 10:36)
Matt. 10:34 Think not that I am come to send peace on earth, I came not to send peace, but a sword. (Matt. 10:35-37; Luke 22:36)

Was Jesus trustworthy?
John 8:14 Though I bear record of myself, yet my record is true.
John 5:31 If I bear witness of myself, my witness is not true.

Shall we call people names?
Matt. 5:22 Whosoever shall say Thou fool, shall be in danger of hellfire.
Matt. 23:17 (Jesus said) Ye fools and blind.

Has anyone seen God?
John 1:18 No man hath seen God at anytime. (Ex 33:20; Tim. 6:16; John 6:46; I John 4:12)
Gen. 32:30 For I have seen god face to face. (Ex. 33:11, 23; Is. 6:1; Job 42:5)

How many gods are there?
Deut. 6:4 The Lord or God is one Lord.
Gen. 1:26 And God said, let us make man in our image.(Gen. 3:22; I John 5:7)

Are we all sinners?
Rom. 3:23 For all have sinned. (Rom. 3:10; Psa.14;3)
Job 1:1 There was a man... whose name was Job; and that man was perfect and upright. (Gen. 7:1; Luke 1:5-6)

When was Jesus crucified?
Mark 15:22 and it was the third hour, and they crucified him.
John 19:14-15 And about the sixth hour: and he saith unto the Jews, Behold your King! But they cried out...crucify him!"

Just because these can be "explained" doesn't mean that they don't exist. Healthy religion contains the spirit of debate, like Jacob wrestling with the angel. The fundamentalist attitude that "everything is carved in stone, finished" is unsustainable.

Just as you can make any sentence you like from the dictionary by choosing certain words, you can prove any point you want by juggling the millions of concepts in the Bible. This is something that both Christians and Jews are adept at. Again, the intention is what matters. The Zohar says something to the effect that: "If people are discussing Torah, and they disagree, it doesn't matter, what's important is that they are talking about Torah."

There are strains of the Christian church who refer to the Bible as a 'Sword'. The metaphor becomes real when they attack the freedoms of others. These contradictions are pointed out for their sake. Many good people believe the Bible is literally God's Word ('sWord?!?), and reverence it and its teachings appropriately. But Jesus said: "Put up again thy sword into his place: for all they that take the sword shall perish with the sword."(Matt.26:52.)

Try if you can to explain this without using the words "context" or "interpretation" it's widely known that most adept Christians are better word wranglers than successful politicians, pardon the pun but, necessity is the mother of creation.

Some interesting quotes:

Q. Why did God invent Mormons?
A. So Christians would know how Jews feel.

As is clearly demonstrated in a multitude of places, including the Jesus Seminar, the "words of Jesus" in the New Testament are fabricated, and cannot be attributed to the actual person of Yeshua ben Nazaret, and cannot accurately be called "The Truth."

Overwrought "faith" does not change history, and quoting the book of John is meaningless in light of historical fact.

Organized Christianity has probably done more to retard the ideals that were its founder's than any other agency in the world." - Richard Le Gallienne (Peter)

Bible perversion by the christian faith, lets start with the Devil shall we ...... read on

The Christian Satan is vastly different than the original Hebrew "satan," an "obstructing angel," that is short-lived and generic.

Babylonian influences solidified this entity into a specific, evil being, and now, Christianity has elevated the Devil to an equal footing with God. Bible belt teenagers becoming 'Satanists' and going on killing sprees are the obvious products of a fundamentalist environment; borne of parents who see evil everywhere, from Harry Potter books to Tinky Winky, these kids rebel in the easiest way: becoming what their parents most fear and obsess over. They do it by claiming belief in a "religion" that owes its very existence to Christianity. (And yes, Anton Lavey).

The Christian obsession with the Devil and witchcraft actually fosters and propagates what they try so hard to repress.

Fundamentalist abhorrence of evil is really a lack of faith, because God created Evil:
[Isa 45:7 KJV] I form the light, and create darkness: I make peace, and create evil: I the LORD do all these things.

Trying to avoid the issue, newer translations change "evil" to "woe," or "calamity," but the Hebrew word in the original is "Ra," which translates into "Evil."

As Christianity took over Europe, attempts to suppress Pagan holy day celebrations met fierce resistance. Their solution was to absorb these holidays, purloin them, and make them into Christian holidays.

Christians object to Halloween, because it is of Pagan origin (Samhain). To be consistent, then, they should also reject Christmas (Yule), Easter (Ostara), and Pentecost (LugnasaĆ°), also Pagan holidays co-opted by Christians in an attempt to erase the true origins. They should also reject the Resurrection (Pagan) and the transubstantiation of bread and wine into blood and flesh (Pagan). Christian demons and devils are no different than Buddhist, or even Hindu ones (Not as colorful though...) Christian God-forms (Father, Son, & Holy Ghost, the Devil) are just as "true" or "false" as any other religions'.

Christians believe that Pagans worship the Earth, and say it is sin to worship the created, instead of worshiping the Creator. This confused notion of separating creator and created is particularly vain, and is used by Christians to justify trashing the land.
Thousands of people were crucified in Judea during Roman times. By concentrating on the suffering of Jesus, the Gospels convey the impression that he was a rare victim of this brutal form of Roman execution.

Leviticus has dire warnings against even touching the skin of pigs-doesn't this imperil the souls of Christian football players?

If one can see through to the underlying metaphor (or parable), and glean the good from scripture, fine. But justifying intolerance with dogmatic fixation on the literal inerrancy of every line in the book leads to simplistic conclusions, and often contradictory ones.

Fundamentalists are obsessed with making the world clear cut and orderly. Subtlety or complexity upsets and confuses them. Alternate points of view, or attitudes of flexibility or openness drive them crazy. Possessed by their own fear of destabilization, they are driven to impose their will on others. They even view their inflexibility as a virtue. Their fear and mistrust feeds on itself, and grows exponentially.

And there is so much more out there, leads me to believe the only ones going to hell are the Christians........

Oh.... Happy Holidays by the way !

Peace Out. - Dec 24 2005

Education Apps by joachim 97 comments

U may find this of interest, ;)

"The BBC reports that research into evolution's inner working has been named rtop science achievement of 2005 From the article: 'The prestigious US journal Science publishes its top 10 list of major endeavours at the end of each year. The number one spot was awarded jointly to several studies that illuminated the intricate workings of evolution. The announcement comes in the same week that a US court banned the teaching of intelligent design in classrooms.'"

Looks like the enemy's of the creation crusade have won a year end victory ! - Dec 23 2005

Education Apps by joachim 97 comments

Lets get this right, "One day Sir you Will stand before a Holy God" This is your's not fact, You can't prove it, and it does not scare me in the least, In-fact I find it somewhat sick and amusing at the same time, spout all the fire and brimstone your like....

Well thanks for the pray, Baptized Christian in name alone I be, but I'm just not a believer, nor am I a Darwinist, I know it has many holes in its theory, Intelligent design has crept into the picture but that does not indicate a GOD element anymore than any of early man's superstitions.

I'm not going to go through all your statements point by point as you have done, I think I'll cut to the crux of this...

If as you will have me believe the universe was created 6-10 thousand years ago, and we all descend from Adam and eve is the basis of YOUR religion I say its nonsense.

Just checking out the results of inter-breading in some southern states alone will give you an answer on that.

So it leads..all other religions have it wrong... they will all go to hell!

All the Muslims, all the Buddhist's, Hindu's. Catholics.... Wow! Satan must be well up in the numbers by now!

But is it not written in the bible, or was... somewhere that if just one soul in Hell were to ask for Gods forgiveness, all of hell would be set free ... or words to that effect, I remember that from some Discovery program, care to elaborate ?

I see more and more of this Creationist Crusade on the net every day, ever since the Genesis Flood and Intelligent design Books hit about ten years ago, Oh look there's a hole in the Old earth science lets plug it with GOD!

I can only guess at the master plan, but it looks to be one of getting the GOD word into every science class in the world, although it has failed in the US supreme courts.... does not fit with the first amendment very well does it!

So carbon 14 dating has it all wrong then ?

The ability to map the DNA double helix has opened up a can of worms, it is more complex than we can understand AT THE MOMENT, that does not constitute a GOD, of any sort! yours, mine, or Bob's down the road!

And as for the dead sea scrolls, From what I have gleaned... Your correct it does not directly contradict the Bible, it appears to share many borrowings, but, it does not color or embellish with the stories of all the many and wonder full miracles either....strange that !

Strange also how the earliest adopted scriptures and writings are actually written in Greek not Hebrew.

Man and dinosaur coexisted, that was proved to be a hoax. Don't argue on this... Just Google it, it will all become clear.

I find it strange that an obviously intelligent individual as your self subscribes whole heatedly to the notion that all human kind is derived from two individuals six thousand years ago.

I also find it some what of a Revelation as to what the Christian faith declare as scripture and non scripture, seems that non-scripture is the stuff of contradiction....

brief list: books of - Enoch, Michael the Archangel, Jannes and Jambres, The Assumption of Moses, Apocalypse of Elijah, and Ascension of Isaiah, The Apocrypha.

Please feel free to give me your spin on this...don't just write it of as not considered christian scripture just because these books get a bit wild in the fable sense.

Basically when it comes down to it, I have the choice to believe the account of the Universe from the Bible or from science... I take science.

Obvious fact is that religion, whatever the source, the Bible, the Koran, the Tora, is based on interpretation, unlike science in the main has its basis in fact, reproducible evidence, I prefer to acknowledge factual evidence and not fable scripture, or different spins and interpretations on religious historical texts.

And if I'm "according to YOUR God" going to burn in hell for that.... then so be it, I doubt I'll be alone, Or I could convert to Catholicism and confess all at the last moment.....just joking ! ;)

Peace Out ! - Dec 23 2005
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Various Stuff by Goduser 13 comments

Do you all really want quotes like "Makes KDE less Unholy" and the like posted all over this site, this is getting out of control.

It seems that the the religious nuts have found a new outlet for there problem.

I have no problem other peoples religion as long as its not in my face, this is not a religious site, and his Sig quotes we're all dammed to hell !! Really that's in my face as far as I'm concerned ! - Dec 23 2005
Manuu for deKorator

deKorator Themes by flamingyak 9 comments

I have the Layered originals for the button images if you want use them and get the effect a little cleaner. - Dec 22 2005

GTK2 Themes by roberTO21 104 comments

Are U insane?

Gates Stole the whole windows thing from Steve Jobs in the first place.

Why I am I even replying, its obvious that your not playing with a full deck of cards, I hope your just some idiot kid fooling about, because if not..... U really need help, and you wont find it in the bible. - Dec 22 2005
Removed background!

Various Stuff by Goduser 13 comments

Man u really need help, between you and the Christian Creationist crusaders spouting this kind of idiotic nonsense...

This is a KDE site, not a podium for your crank religion, KEEP IT TO YOUR SELF!

PS: I Voted Bad :P - Dec 22 2005
Tech Mon

Karamba & Superkaramba by ArbitraryReason 60 comments

Strange..I'm using the same distro version and KDE version...and idle its at 4%

What option of tech are you running, XMMS, Amorok, No audio control ?

Does any other Karamba Theme do this ?

Are your KDE Dev's and python bits all updated ?

What chip set are you using?

Version of LM-Sensors ?

There has to be a reason for this. - Dec 17 2005

Education Apps by joachim 97 comments

Oh come on, stop with the religious spin, its all very transparent, and insults my intelligence.

The source of your faith is the Bible, it is flawed on so many levels, it has be selectively edited more times than any other piece of literature on the planet, mainly by the Church to highlight the power chapters and conceal the contradictions and flaws.

According to the Bible the earth is only a few thousand years old..... there were no dinosaurs, there was no evolution, we all started from a very small gene pool Adam and Eve.... its laughable !

It is a work of fiction with no proof at all! the only ancient text we have that is likely to be untainted is the dead sea scrolls and they contradict the bible, I have read that translations of said scrolls refer to Jesus as a kind of Jim Morrison of his time , no mention of the incredible miracles the bible speaks of....

We all evolved from single cell organisms, this has been proved, and holds water, name one, just one thing the bible claims that can be proved.

There is no Egyptian historical records of the outlandish story of the Israelites flight of Egypt, the plagues , the sea parting..Etc..Etc

Did all life on the planet have to start again from the meager gene pool saved by Noah? I think not!

And even if I was a religious person who are the Christians to suggest that there god is the only god and try to convert all others? take your bible out of my throat!

Keep your religion to yourself, but if your going to live by the bible and worship it, I suggest you read all of it, it is estimated that the King James Bible has only a fraction of the writings.... most have been "filed" by the Church over the century's to serve there own ends.

Its a story, that's all, and like most story's the more people that edit it the bigger the story gets, and some more adage, history is written by the victorious.

I know that science can explain a hell of allot more of the universe than the bible can, pardon the pun!
Science will be the one to solve poverty, starvation and sickness not religion, religion just thrives on it.

If there is a all powerful omnipresent being that is responsible for creating the universe and stands in judgment of the way we lived our very short lives, I would think he/she/it is intelligent enough to judge us on our humanity and not our adherence to a contradictory story book that seems to prevent all mankind from growing and EVOLVING into more enlightened intelligent beings.

Christianity is just one of thousands of religions, although they seem to be in the top ten religions wanting to change this fact.

My suspicion is that our gene pool has be meddled with by our extraterrestrial Grey friends for thousands of years, this would explain the missing link between Cro Magnon man "modern humans & tools makers" and Neanderthal man, tis very strange how Cro Magnon man just appeared in a small part of France "don't quote me" 40 thousand years ago, no fossil records before yet

Anyway the big issue is that if there are Aliens , the main reason in hiding this from the general public would be to prevent mass religious panic/riots and chaos, since little gray men don't quite fit in the Bible....along with science, evolution, dinosaurs, quantum physics..etc..etc

I supose it takes all kinds to make a world.....

Lets take any further options of this kind off line, this is a KDE website remember, although the amusement value is probably very high its not the correct podium for this line of debate. - Dec 05 2005
I am response to Your emptiness - Jesus

Wallpaper Other by Padrepio 3 comments

59 downloads so far! LMFAO....I'm a believer ! - Dec 04 2005

Education Apps by joachim 97 comments

What ever the christian goals are, being honest and decent should be on the list... surprised me! Where do your goals get you? do you Really believe in heaven and hell ? Remember God created evil, Lucifer Morning star was his right hand man, had a bit of blow out with two wars in heaven and got relegated, yes I said 2 wars in heaven..... not all of bible is in the king James version.... Oh, nearly forgot christians are new testement only right..... I guess most good people server there own higher being, the need to better them selves and the world around them. My mention of the Catholic church was used to highlight my view that 99% of all religions are used to manipulate people and power. Don't start me on the Muslims..... but I don't think they have forgotten the genocide we heaped on them during the Crusades...... One wonders though: What were the physical precursors of the protein pathways in retinal cells and by what mechanism did they evolve? All the better to see you with said the big bad wolf, my guess is food, you need to see it or catch it, means of survival... Darwinism. Anyway, I must remember this is a Linux Desktop forum, not a religious stage. To believe in a higher being is a weakness of the mind, its comforting to think that there is an all powerful god looking after you and you loved ones and your internal soul.... I hope that man will evolve past this one day, its a huge problem that inhibits our mental, psychological and social evolution. - Nov 30 2005

Education Apps by joachim 97 comments

I can't take this seriously, Come wise up, religion is a means to control people by using there fear of the dark and the threat of eternal pain against them. You can be a decent, caring, honest human being without religion, just set an example and be true to yourself and others ! Emperor Constantine embraced the christian faith and launched a whole new roman empire.... the Catholic Church...who have committed bigger acts of genocide than Attila the Hun, Genghis khan,Hitler and Pol Pot put together! IMHO Religion is no more than Dark age Politics, and has got NOTHING to do with Science, not even Science fiction for that matter. Still can take this seriously! its a joke right... come on Fess up ! - Nov 29 2005
Window Decoration Generator (decgen)

KDE 3.x Window Decorations by maitre 77 comments

I ask this question with all due respect to both authors, but what exactly is the difference / advantages / disadvantages and or functionality difference between the two utilities ? I ask this, just in case I'm missing something, I'm going to install decgen and give it a whirl with some of the decos I have produced for deKorator, - Nov 29 2005
Area-51 for deKorator

deKorator Themes by ArbitraryReason 10 comments

Thanks, :) The font is HandelGOTD, there is a link to the download URL on the deKorator post, was posted a few days ago. - Nov 27 2005
Titan-5-Lt for deKorator

deKorator Themes by ArbitraryReason 8 comments

LOL, been asked that on the other post, please read the reply on : The Url's are there. - Nov 27 2005
Titan-5 for deKorator

deKorator Themes by ArbitraryReason 9 comments

LoL, Just a thought, In my mention of copy rights, I'm I violating copy righted works by posting that screen shot?, Its not clear to me as anybody can download his work, but in the context that I have distributed it, does it pose a violation...... - Nov 27 2005
Titan-5 for deKorator

deKorator Themes by ArbitraryReason 9 comments

Well if your a fan of digital art, and never visited the Renderosity site... you have never lived ! I got the image from Renderosity, the artist is Clay Hagebusch, here is his site URL: also check him out on Renderosity: His site also has some animation movies all done in Bryce, its amazing what this guy has done, all his work is strictly copy righted, so respect that ! Have fun ! - Nov 27 2005
Yet another deKorator theme

KDE 3.x Window Decorations by ChristianNickel 4 comments

Nice colors and style I like , well done ! - Nov 27 2005
Titan-5 for deKorator

deKorator Themes by ArbitraryReason 9 comments

Will do, thanks for the comments !:) - Nov 27 2005
KDE Blue

Wallpapers KDE Plasma by ArbitraryReason 4 comments

I'm using Crossover" which uses the wine preloader", and I've had no Problems, works like a charm. - Nov 27 2005
Linspire Clear for DeKorator

deKorator Themes by 18volt 23 comments

I could take a look at the buttons if your Ok with that, I could then mail you the corrected tiles....... - Nov 26 2005

KDE 3.x Window Decorations by motyR 383 comments

Well ya did it ! number 1, congrats ! I can see this tool has great potential, simply because it allows people who are more artistically oriented to skin windows with ease. That's how products like windows blinds took off, its about time Linux had a equivalent tool, I have always found the Deco's in KDE and other windows managers to be second rate compared to the addons for XP, dare I say it, but I feel that the Linux community has focused on the OS more than the eye candy... until recently. Keep this tool going, take it all the way, I'm sure there is allot more that can be added and improved ! Well done ! AB - Nov 26 2005

KDE 3.x Window Decorations by motyR 383 comments

I've just tried creating a rightTitleBitmap.png, saved it and ... no go, is that deKorator only supports the four corner masks at the moment? Or have I goofed it up?, I was "assuming" that each tile had it equivalent mask? Let me have the heads up on this :) AB - Nov 25 2005
Area-51-Lt for deKorator

deKorator Themes by ArbitraryReason 6 comments

Thanks, I kinda got the idea for the color scheme from the AlienWare Deco, But thought their theme needed improving... ;) Thanks for the Pos feedback... AB - Nov 25 2005
Area-51 for deKorator

deKorator Themes by ArbitraryReason 10 comments

Thanks, am working on a lighter version, wish the masking in deKorator extended beyond the corners...... - Nov 25 2005
Secure your data!

Dolphin Service Menus by maitre 14 comments

Hey what color scheme u using?..... only joking ! Very Nice tool, Although the kind of secrets I would want to keep would take more that 3XDes and blowfish to keep me out of the fire ! ;) - Nov 24 2005
Tech Mon

Karamba & Superkaramba by ArbitraryReason 60 comments

Sure thing! I'll start right away.... - Nov 23 2005