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Score 66.7%
Apr 20 2019
10 the best- great gradient - Oct 14 2019
GT3 Icons

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Mar 21 2010
Update received... More or less...
Some thing swill need improvement and I will need to finish out the emblems, scalable icons when I have time. - Oct 13 2019
Did someone say... Update wanted?

Please allow some time, but challenge accepted. - Sep 21 2019
Computing Machine

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2 days ago
10 the best _keep on keeping customization alive and working! - Oct 06 2019

GTK3 Themes 116 comments

by jpsb
Score 79.4%
Jul 08 2018
10 the best
I like the way you are thinking and excellent work. - Sep 29 2019
AzenisEX icon set - Azenis - The Preface

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Oct 11 2019
What is making it "not easy" is that I need to make the 3.18, 3.20, 3.22, 3.24 versions... and now also working on 3.36 anticipating that gtk4 will be released by the end of the year... Bangin my head on the wall. I have them all most assembled but all have bugs I am working on.
KDE- I have never used KDE and I have no idea how theming works in KDE. Ezy, who had originally ported Azenis2 to KDE (3, I think?) had commented on one of the window borders I made here. I had told him "challenge accepted." I have not actually started on it, yet... given the whole , 3.18, 3.20, 3... yeah that thing.
Maybe I will grab a copy of SolydK and try familiarizing myself with it and take a look, see if I can screw it up or not. - Sep 25 2019
You mean ports from KDE to Gnome /Xfce? I left Windows and joined Linux a few months ago. I had never even heard of .css or theming. I am trying to catch up. I came across some themes I liked only to discover they were before my time. I said, "the he11 with that..." and sought bringing them back. But there is much I do not know and I am quite novice. But keep asking; ask on forums, ask on gnome-look... I will look into those themes and see if I don't bite off more than I can chew. The AzenisEX you see in the images took me several months to build; had to start fresh and make it a piece at a time. Learning css is not that hard. Understanding it is. Especially with a certain gnomish entity deliberately changing the rules often in order to secure their own brand image... - Sep 23 2019
I agree wholeheartedly. The flat paper icons and uniformity has driven me nuts. If you say themes like this make your point, I hope others will take up the challenge to introduce their creativity or Modifications/resurrections, as well. Let's fight back, now, shall we?
Can you give some idea of what color contrast you had in mind on the LibreOffice icons? An example, maybe? There are not many, so I could probably hammer out a set for you no problem.
- Sep 23 2019
Positive feedback is good- But Critical Feedback is also very welcome, too. And you're welcome. Originally... I had hoped to do a kind of ten year anniversary run on the whole thing. But I didn't make it in time, so trying to get things out there a piece at a time, now. Also currently working on updated AzenisEX themes for gtk 3.18 through 3.36, Cinnamon and Cinnamenu themes to match, and a couple all original work theme projects. Because... It's FOSS.
It's what FOSS is all about.
Once you download it, it is Yours to do with as you please. Share it, redistribute it, toss it away... Get Creative. Be Inspired. Modify it, improve on it, Keep FOSS ALIVE!
And thanks for stopping by the page to remind those of us that still believe in FOSS that we have a reason to keep on believin.' - Sep 21 2019
Azenis XFM

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Aug 08 2019
Heh heh heh... Challenge accepted? I see that Plasma 5 is GTK3. I have already laid the groundwork on GTK3 Azenis theme. It only lacks a windows Decorator, since Gnome goes about that in a different way. I got around it by using Compiz-reloaded along with an Emerald theme.
Smaragd is an Emerald-like Window Decorator for Plasma5.
Allowing this to be used, as well:
Note TonyMaros comment, that I understand and helped inspire this mess I uploaded here....
Perhaps I will make an emerald that uses the XFM style seen here. Although, I guess I would need to call that one KDM.
In the meantime, I will continue working to make a Full GTK3 Version available and have added Plasma5 to the plan, to see if I can make one for Plasma. It MAY be easier with Plasma since it has kdecorator.
Questions or insults can be sent to
- Jul 29 2019
I added a correction in the comments section on the Azenis FXM Red page, as well. The remaining question now is: Who first used dar0ckx's "The Preface" icons to compliment the package.
I admit, I have modified MUCH of the artwork of "The Preface" icons as well as smashing together a few new ones using that same design to my set in use on my personal machine.
- Jul 28 2019
Ezy, thisis like meetingYoda.
I will adjust the descriptions. Much of this work was done many years ago and tracking down who did hat was not easy. Pun not intended. - Jul 28 2019
Azenis XFM Red

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Jun 23 2019
A correction to my earlier comment: KDE3 themer Ezy ported the Azenis theme to KDE3. JamesHardy88 then moved that port to GTK2 / Gnome. After all these years, it has not been easy to figure out who did what and when they did it. But my gratitude to all who did the work that we can all enjoy. - Jul 28 2019
J.J.Ying's creation was a Windowblinds winner. However, I did not port it to Linux. Jameshardy88 did that and he had ported it to Gnome GTK2. Yantar had then added it to the Xfce window decorator arsenal at some point after that.
Kuduk had ported the Azenis Cursor to X11. Jameshardy88 adapted "The Preface" icon set for use in his port of Azenis for Gnome.
What you are seeing here is a Modification to the border to make the titlebutton layout less accident prone. I don't remember, now, who it was that commented on one of the ports that the buttons being so close together "was a deal breaker" even though he really liked the theme.
Recently, to salvage an old "Toughbook", I installed Zorin OS Lite on it and also installed Azenis theme. But, I ran into trouble with that tablet touchscreen PC and those buttons too close together as well. I created this this modification in order to keep Azenis but to keep it usable, too.
Remembering that poster who said years ago, that the buttons were a deal breaker, I uploaded this modification in hopes that others can enjoy the theme without the deal breaker too.
My own thanks added to Cr7NetwOrK to Jameshardy88, Kuduk, TechnoShaun and yantar for their work, as well. - Jun 25 2019
Score 78.0%
Oct 06 2019

KDE 3.5 Themes
by Ezy

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Aug 09 2019
Whisker Icon

Single Icon/Logo
by iceler

Score 66.7%
10   Oct 14 2019
10 the best- great gradient
Score 78.0%
10   Oct 06 2019
10 the best _keep on keeping customization alive and working!

GTK3 Themes
by jpsb

Score 79.4%
10   Sep 29 2019
10 the best I like the way you are thinking and excellent work.