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Abdullah Ibn Hamad Al-Marri Rayyan, Qatar

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Aug 23 2007

Either I'm missing something very obvious or the tarball misses files:

In file included from main.cpp:3:
kwlanmainwin.h:11:19: kwlan.h: No such file or directory

Also from what you wrote, at least on Suse, it won't build with
automake-1.9, only 1.7

We need to port this to FreeBSD 6.x - Jan 07 2007

I use it with PC-BSD 1.3, It doesn't disable the device even if I choosed so with su privileges.

- Dec 10 2006

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Aug 20 2015
I'll email the KNemo port maintainer to upgrade to the latest one.

I would like to see few things added in KNemo.

1. The ability to connect the Wireless Network you desire.

2. Display the signal strength of the wireless and the SSID of it, so you can connect to the stronger ssid, for example, I have ssid "WeArab.Net" and "WeArab.Net 2" in home, the later is the repeater ssid name.

3. Configure the Network you want to connect to, to use WPA, configure the options like hidden ssid, DHCP, or static IP, ..etc. - Dec 25 2006
Good app, I really love it.

Can you please update the FreeBSD port? - Dec 22 2006
Wireless Assistant

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Apr 03 2007
Great app.

Could you please make a port for FreeBSD? - Dec 22 2006

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Dec 12 2009
Yes, I meant integrate it with the DBSD tools.

If they don't agree I can understand that, but I'm sure you can integrate Kports with the PCBSD guys, they will welcome you, and they like your port, check this thread about it.

I'll be waiting for portsnap addition and I hope it will happen very soon ;) - Dec 13 2006
Great tool indeed!

I have these suggestions which marked as questions ;)

1. How about making it work with DBSD tools as well?

2. Could you please make it uses portsnap which is faster than cvsup-without-gui? - Dec 10 2006