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fela maslen London, United Kingdom
Ubuntu Freedom

Wallpapers Ubuntu by shirteesdotnet 3 comments

but could i have the original image please without the 'ubuntu' logo so i can place it myself at a better place? it's cause that's just where i have my numerous desktop icons. - Mar 31 2008
Leopard Login

GDM Themes by millermobile 6 comments

the link seems to work just fine for me. Great theme! :) - Feb 18 2008
Mac4Lin Leopard GTK Icon Theme

Icon Sub-Sets by infrareddude 22 comments

NOTE: This tip will only work if you use a single icon for the main menu. ('Main Menu' in the Add to panel dialog, NOT menu bar)

run: gconf-editor in the terminal (or alt-F2)

in the sidebar, navigate to apps > panel > objects. One of the objects is the main menu. (tip: when an object is selected, try moving the main menu around and see if the Position parameter in conf-editor changes)

Once you know what object it is, and have the object selected in conf-editor, tick the 'use_custom_icon' checkbox in conf-editor. then, doubleclick the custom_icon parameter in conf-editor, and give the path to an icon of your choice.

The only bad thing is that you have a horrible arrow on the icon. There is a menu applet that can get rid of that (I can't remember the URL) but I SERIOUSLY WOULD NOT RECOMMEND IT as it messed up my system so badly i had to reinstall. - Nov 09 2007