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Alessandro Portale , Germany
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Sep 28 2008
Thanks a lot! Very appreciated. - Dec 07 2009
Ouch... believe it or not. Only today I saw your comment. Qt-Apps did not notify me about it. I would love to add your translation to PosteRazor, thanks a lot for your effort! However, the link is not valid, anymore. Would you mind reposting it?

Thanks also for notifying the typo. Drag and Drop was not yet implemented in PosteRazor 1.9.5. It is implemented in the current head.

Best Regards,
Alessandro - Nov 29 2009
Oh, indeed. Thanks for notifying me. That's actually a good reason to release a 1.9.6 version, soon :)

For the meantime:
The current snapshot builds qith Qt 4.5. Download:

Best Regards,
Alessandro Portale - Apr 02 2009
I already thought about such automatic corrections. But then I came to the conclusion that in many cases such magic may irritate users more than it helps them.

But depending on the amount requests, I will of course put this feature on my TODO list :) - Sep 29 2008
Nice to hear from a user :)

The option "Size in percent" in step 4 is actually supposed to provide that feature. PosteRazor considers DPI and amount of pixels of the image in order to determine the poster image size in centimeters.
If you set that value to 100%, you should get the original size of the document (unless there are bugs).

Did you try that?

Alessandro - Sep 29 2008
Qt Linguist Download

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Dec 04 2009
That's actually a good question. I am not an expert in that regard. My understanding is however, that the outcome (translation) which your translators edit with this GPL licensed program should not be affected by its "GPLness". QtLinguist is not part of your commercial product but only part of your workflow.

If you have a support license at QtSoftware, you could ask them for a precise and quick legal answer. I'd be interested in the result.

And if all that does not work, the instructions how to build this package can be found here:

Best Regards,
Alessandro Portale - Apr 02 2009
Thanks, nice to hear that you find it useful.

The functionality of lrelease is actually built in Qt Linuist. If the enduser selects "File->Release (As)" in the Linguist menu, he can save a .qm version of the translation.
Please let me know if that does not work for your use case or if you see other reasons to ship lrelease.exe in the package. - Dec 05 2008