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Webcam & Monitoring
Open Dolphin as root

Dolphin Service Menus 13 comments

by loup
Score 58.2%
May 17 2020
It's a security hole and makes users interact with their system in harmful patterns. - May 18 2020
Note that this is a big security pitfall.
Also this won't work on Wayland as is. - May 18 2020
Plasma Keyboard Indicator

Plasma 5 Applets 11 comments

by apol
Score 67.5%
Mar 04 2018
This widget is part of Plasma 5.18 release, you don't need to install it from here anymore. - Apr 27 2020
I'll see to it, can't right now because I'm using wayland... ^^'

It basically shows the caps lock icon on the tray when pressed. - Jul 03 2018
:/ correct, it's a known issue that we need to look into eventually. - Jul 03 2018
Gmail Feed

Plasma 5 Applets 106 comments

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Mar 23 2015
look! I'm there! XD

interesting idea :) - Dec 30 2014

Webcam & Monitoring 101 comments

by apol
Score 78.6%
Dec 09 2010
We're getting there... :) - Aug 11 2012
The URL is :) - Dec 09 2010
We had it kind of stopped for quite some time, mostly because of some library we were using that wouldn't fill our requisites. We're moving on for sure, you can track the development here:

It's quite stable now, if you're interested in it, you can try it and tell us what you think on the mailing list: - Nov 10 2010
Check our development repositories, there's a gstreamer branch. We'll get there. - Nov 07 2010
Well that's probably going to change. Not because VLC is too big, but it's not really fitting our requirements. Improving AVDevice is not an option either because we just don't have the time. We'll see what we find.

Aleix - Nov 01 2010
Because we need some video input - Oct 26 2010
VLC 1.1.0 support is comming soon, not there yet because VLC is not source compatible between versions - Jun 24 2010
It can be done but it's not one of our priorities so far.

If you are interested on contributing such support you can send an e-mail to - Jun 24 2010
Indeed it is, probably not for the next version but the one after that.

The next one will bring stability and better integration mostly. - Jun 24 2010
No, we use VLC for capturing. Without VLC you couldn't do much.

In the future we will move out of VLC, sorry we can't help you now. - Mar 08 2010
You are compiling the master branch, you should compile stable.

Master compiles against KDE trunk. - Jan 03 2010
As you can see here: we were working on that and actually we're quite there already.

As for effects, it's on the works, depends a lot on how easy is to do that with VLC, which is our engine.

As for me I'm using the last KDE (trunk and 4.3 occasionally) and Arch's VLC which should be quite new.

Aleix - Nov 28 2009
Should be fixed with that new release. - Oct 24 2009
We had to choose something and anything we have in KDE is for output, no input support. VLC was a straight-forward solution so we decided to use it.

There might be changes eventually, on that front. - Oct 15 2009
Sure we do!
And with a bunch of new ideas for future versions! :) - Oct 15 2009
I have it in /usr/include/solid/...

Of course it's not a kubuntu box. - Sep 10 2009
Not sure about this. We have had positive compilations on KUbuntu machines, this shouldn't be a problem.

Can you tell me if you have this powermanager.h file? - Sep 10 2009

Utilities 6 comments

by apol
Score 58.0%
Aug 19 2010
If you're interested, get in touch with us in and we'll help you as much as we can. :) - Nov 17 2010
You can move the plasmoid into the systray, I think it's plasma who provides that, I'll investigate the correct steps. - Aug 23 2010
Erm... no, if it's because you don't like it, wait because I hope I have a new version coming soon. :) - Aug 20 2010

Education Apps 149 comments

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Apr 29 2020
Qt4.4 is required and it seems you don't have it. - Mar 15 2008

Network 6 comments

by seba
Score 50.0%
Feb 12 2009
are there any plans to move to qt4? - Oct 24 2007

Education Apps 62 comments

by apol
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Jan 27 2008
This application has moved to kdeedu, maybe you could post a wish into or send me a mail to aleixpol at gmail dot com telling me about this feature.

aleix - Oct 24 2007
Hi! I think that for OpenGL, libgl1-mesa-dev and libglu1-mesa-dev are enough in Kubuntu, I don't know how they will be called in your distro but it should be something similar... Perhaps you have a kde-devel package...

Perhaps you could told us which distro are you using and we could check it.

Good luck! - May 14 2006
Lots of thanks, link updated :). - May 07 2006
Thanks for it... Now we have 2 suse repositories... That's fine :P...

What do you think about this release? - May 02 2006
Thanks, I've updated the download link for SuSE, for the next release I'll correct the .desktop file, I'm sorry, I hadn't even noticed it... - May 02 2006
Shit! I hate these stupid bugs :P. Thanks.

I've been looking at the .desktop file and I think that now it is OK.


PS: Both problems are fixed in current snapshots and will be fixed too in the next release of course. - Feb 04 2006
If I'm not wrong, that depends on packager. In my opinion, it should go into Education>Maths.
I don't use the menu anyway, I use to open programs with minicli (alt+f2).

Bye! - Feb 03 2006
I know, but I'm focusing the development to Algebra for new versions (it needs a lot of work for the moment).
BTW, I think KAlgebra is nicer than KAnalisys (which was the original name of KAlgebra but in catalan, KAnalitza. I didn't like it). If more people thinks that it should be changed, tell me and we'll look for something more correct. I think it's OK for the moment. - Feb 03 2006
Updated, thanks! :) - Feb 03 2006
I'm sorry but I think you compiled the package without translations. Perhaps it would be a good idea to update.

I repeat, I'm sorry :P.
Thanks for notifying. For the moment I'll link the new package :). - Feb 02 2006
It should have been generated in the package, you should see it automatically (you need to have KDE set in french BTW).

Perhaps I forgot to add something in the Makefiles... as soon as I solve the problem (if its mine of course), I'll update it. I think that other translation work fine :S. - Jan 31 2006
Wow, thanks! - Jan 21 2006
Now it should be OK, I have no Gentoo machine to try it, if someone finds a problem tell me please and if someone makes the ebuild tell me too and I'll put here in kde-apps's page.

Thanks! - Nov 23 2005
Thanks! - Nov 23 2005
I already knew this problem, it is my fault ('s libs have handcoded paths that doesn't work in gentoo). It is going to be rapaired for the next release (that I think that's coming soon).

Aleix Pol - Nov 14 2005
Lots of thanks!

I'll put a link here so everyone can download it. - Nov 06 2005
Tested and working, thanks kjuanlu - Oct 25 2005
You're right, I'll check it for the next release :). - Oct 22 2005
I sent a mail to pfeifle actually, but had no response.

The main question is:
Fine, I have to compile with sarge, but what do I have to send? executable and icons? Where I have to send it? :P

I'd really like to have a .deb package, but I don't think it is possible at the moment (I've got not enough time to do it, if someone wants, to do it, only have to do it (and tell me please :).

Bye! - Oct 10 2005

System Software 100 comments

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Jun 09 2007
It would be nice to have the option to output Debian or RPM package after giving proper information. Do you think it is possible? Bye! :) - Oct 14 2005

System Software 1026 comments

by Sho
Score 86.7%
Mar 28 2018
Is it possible to change the scheme into the Linux Colors? I can't see it good with white background.

Nice work! :) - Sep 18 2005
Arch Linux

Karamba & Superkaramba 4 comments

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Jul 27 2005
It is for Arch Linux, not for Debian. - Aug 22 2005
Open Dolphin as root

Dolphin Service Menus
by loup

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1   May 18 2020
It's a security hole and makes users interact with their system in harmful patterns.

Plasma 4 Extensions
by Lechio

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9   Aug 29 2011
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9   Aug 24 2011