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Francis G
KDE 3.5.x Alternate logout

Various KDE 1.-4. Improvements by screemo 6 comments

Is there a patch for KDE4? - May 29 2008
Couple of suggestions:
* Why not use KDE's "Open File" dialog instead?
* Would be nice to be able to drag files from the Desktop/File Manager onto the user that you want to transfer them to (nice feature of Giver).
* It also doesn't let me change picture -- should that work or has it not been implemented yet?
* Sending files doesn't seem to work, I get:

current Buddy Content: SN "kepas on haris@linux"
Host: "linux" : 45475
initFileSender - user= "francis"
request finished

....but there is no notification on the other computer about receiving a file. I have tried sending from the other computer as well, but the same thing happens. - Jan 22 2008
Might be a good idea to link to the openSUSE RPMs or 1-click-install (which works for i386 too) as well? Awesome application! - Jan 22 2008
Crystal Project

Full Icon Themes by everaldo 127 comments

These are some of the most nicely put together icons I've seen in a very long time. Simply beautiful. It's a pleasure to just scroll through the different icons and be pleasantly surprised time after time. Thank you :-) - Oct 02 2007
Kirocker Music Display

Audio Apps by Sebien 324 comments

cd . && rm -f configure
cd . && make -f admin/Makefile.common configure
make[1]: Entering directory `/home/francis/downloads/kirocker' error: possibly undefined macro: AM_INIT_AUTOMAKE
If this token and others are legitimate, please use m4_pattern_allow.
See the Autoconf documentation. error: possibly undefined macro: AM_CONFIG_HEADER error: possibly undefined macro: AC_CHECK_COMPILERS error: possibly undefined macro: AC_ENABLE_SHARED error: possibly undefined macro: AC_ENABLE_STATIC error: possibly undefined macro: AM_KDE_WITH_NLS error: possibly undefined macro: AC_PATH_KDE error: possibly undefined macro: AC_CHECK_KDEMAXPATHLEN
make[1]: *** [configure] Error 1
make[1]: Leaving directory `/home/francis/downloads/kirocker'
make: *** [configure] Error 2 - Mar 05 2007
Amarok Full Screen

Audioplayers by comar961 272 comments

Oh, and the executable, amarokFS, should be lowercase. :D - Feb 06 2007
Amarok Full Screen

Audioplayers by comar961 272 comments

A collection of ideas:
* Make amarokSF come with a screensaver, too.
* When you type, make amarokSF search through Amarok tracks so that you can select them. For example, the way Katapult does this is nice. But no, I have no full idea of how you would implement this with the interface.

Note also that the install craps out if you sudo make install, at least on some setups. - Feb 06 2007
Amarok Full Screen

Audioplayers by comar961 272 comments

yeah, it doesn't compile with Qt4. You need to compile it with Qt3. - Feb 06 2007
Crystal Diamond Icons

Full Icon Themes by manowarlord 155 comments

The buildset is very common; most of the top icon sets here use it. If you send me just the *alternative* icons (i.e. just the kmenu ones, and the debian customised ones) then I'll put it into a buildset and host it for you, on a pretty fast connection, if you like. Email is in my profile. :) - Dec 01 2006
Crystal Diamond Icons

Full Icon Themes by manowarlord 155 comments

Since the varying icon themes only change a few icons, why not ship with just one tar with a nice buildset?

That way you could probably host it on an actual server, as filefront is annoying. - Nov 30 2006

KDE Plasma Screenshots by darkkeil 5 comments

what icon theme is that? - Nov 21 2006
Baby GNU & Baby Tux

Wallpaper Other by nicolasrougier 16 comments

broken download link, it seems - Apr 05 2006

System Software by invernomuto 100 comments

I second the root/sudo powers are required for the make install; kdesu would do it (distros using sudo patch kdesu to make it use sudo anyhow). Also you really need to be able to have options like specifying the prefix. When installing kde applications for example, it's procedure to specify the KDEDIRS as the prefix. - Oct 15 2005
Linux Family

Wallpaper Other by Aulden 9 comments

Very cool, but where's Konqi? :D - Sep 30 2005

Karamba & Superkaramba by skullbooks 22 comments

There is no system.png, though it is referenced in the .theme - Aug 22 2005

Karamba & Superkaramba by hadrurus 11 comments

Here: - Aug 07 2005

Education Apps by joachim 97 comments

I see absolutely no relation with your question to any point I made. The answer is simple: because of convention. - Jul 18 2005

Education Apps by joachim 97 comments

Firstly, an absolutely great program. Thanks guys.

Religion is not a science, though both are obviously not opposed to one another per se. Religious studies, and Philosophy even, are grouped under *Arts*, in that attainingg a degree in i.e. UK (in Religious Studies) you get a BA (bachelor of Arts), not a Bachelor of Science (BSc).

Religious studies and Philosophy are, of course, far older schools (as is Mathematics) than science, which only really started getting roots from Aristotle. Anyhow, the Bible is not a work of science, it is a work of spirituality; and, Science (well, any proper scientific method relying on empiricism) didn't really exist when some of the books were being penned. - Jun 20 2005
Program Control Center (KDE)

Various KDE 1.-4. Improvements by nookie 60 comments

KPackage is good, but I see it more as a download package manager. It's potentially a great program, but a lot of it needs clearing up. - Jun 16 2005
amaroK 1.3 Splash

KDE 3.x Splash Screens by meNGele 7 comments

No, 1.3 is not currently in CVS. - Mar 28 2005

Various KDE 1.-4. Improvements by FJR 249 comments

I personally don't like the new GUI changes; really quite liked it before. Great sidebar, anyhow; I guess I can just keep the old version. :) - Mar 26 2005
Lamborgini & Linux

Wallpaper Other by mensur 5 comments

Excellent stuff; nice. - Jan 19 2005
My kind of blue

KDE Plasma Screenshots by SilverStar 4 comments

That would be greatly appreciated. :) Email's in my profile. francisg at - Jan 17 2005
My kind of blue

KDE Plasma Screenshots by SilverStar 4 comments

Looking good! Have you got a link to that background? - Jan 04 2005
FairytaleWorld Icons Themes

Icon Sub-Sets by chunxiayu 43 comments

Very nice; succinct. Thanks. - Jan 02 2005
suse 9.2 pro 2005*

KDE Plasma Screenshots by onehalfkiller 14 comments

English was good ;), but had a problem with the instructions. Seems to go all fine (no "errors") until I do:

xcompmgr -cfC

All I get returned is:
No composite extension

Then, while typing in transset, and then clicking on a window, I get:
Found property: 0.75
opacity 0xffffffff
Set Property to 1

I figure then I might have to specify the transparency, but:

[dw@localhost transset]$ transset.5
bash: transset.5: command not found

With regard to editing that code in, sorry to bother you again, but just where is that file? A search for XF86Config only returns a "sample" file by Nvidia.

Sorry for the hassle again; any help would be greatly appreciated. =) - Dec 28 2004
Fedora & KDE 3.3.2

KDE Plasma Screenshots by apokryphos 2 comments

As the theme there suggests, Fedora Core 3 :). Icon theme is Pastels-Nuvola. - Dec 28 2004

KDE Plasma Screenshots by khogen 1 comment

The thing up there displaying the date and the time.. is that a karamba theme? If so, which one?

Thanks. :) - Dec 27 2004
suse 9.2 pro 2005*

KDE Plasma Screenshots by onehalfkiller 14 comments

Very nice. Two questions: what icon theme is that, and just how did you manage all those cool transparency affects there. Never been able to do it myself... would appreciate any help in this. =) - Dec 27 2004
"Run As Root" for Service Menus

Dolphin Service Menus by tommycw1 50 comments

Doesn't seem to work for me; no added menu there. Using FC3, KDE 3.3 - Dec 09 2004

Karamba & Superkaramba by life 63 comments

Looking very nice; only thing I had a problem with was the IP Address. Looking in the script I see you've linked to a program in /home/life..

Anyhow, if you replace that with something like: sensor=program program="/sbin/ip addr show eth0 | grep 'inet ' | cut -d t -f2 | cut -d / -f1 | cut -b 2-" - Dec 05 2004
IcOsX Theme 0.7

Icon Sub-Sets by shok 124 comments

It works now... thanks! Yeah, the original link didn't work; the "download" link. - Jul 20 2004
IcOsX Theme 0.7

Icon Sub-Sets by shok 124 comments

The link isn't working for me. - Jul 14 2004