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Anatoliy odukha

Education Apps by metaxy 24 comments

Have you compiled sources for Windows with VC++ (+ qt 4.6)? It does not work out of box:
I created VC++ 2008 project from .pro and see following:
1. "root path" issue: compiler can not find headers like
#include "src/module/XXXX.h"
I do not touch *.pro, just added path to "Additonal Include Dir" in VC++ solution
2. in src\ui\dialog\searchinfodialog.cpp replace
return floor(number * pow(10, stellen) + 0.5) * pow(10, -stellen);
return floor(number * pow(10.0, stellen) + 0.5) * pow(10.0, -stellen);
because compiler can not select righ variant of overlaoded pow
3. comment out last line in src\core\notes.cpp
//#include "moc_notes.cpp"
because code from moc_notes.cpp was compiled twice and it causes linking errors

After this changes build process finished succesfully - Apr 25 2010