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Tijn Schuurmans

Wallpaper Other by slimdog 5 comments

thanks! - Feb 18 2007

Wallpaper Other by slimdog 5 comments

I'd really like to have this wallpaper at my new widescreen at work (/me is drooling at the 1920 by 1200 pixels)

(please post the image in its original resolution too, so everyone can resize it themselves) - Jan 08 2007

Beryl/Emerald Themes by nebedaay 3 comments

I was hoping someone would make a borderless decoration so I don't have to :-P - Nov 26 2006
Firefox Icon (Moon)

Icon Sub-Sets by DanielOster91 4 comments

Why do you make a screenshot of an image?

No really, I like to know what you thought when you decided to post the image this way. I'm interested in human-technology interaction. By understanding your thought process I hope to be able to accommodate similar mental models in user interfaces. - Nov 05 2006
north pole sunset

Wallpaper Other by animae13 5 comments

This can't be the case, can it?
The phase of the moon is really the shadow of the earth on the moon... shadow as in no light from the sun that is in the same picture.

I'm confused (it's bedtime in my timezone) but I don't believe this to be a real photo either. - Sep 26 2006
In the water

Wallpaper Other by ralli 2 comments

come on, this is CG-art - Aug 24 2006
Lego Torvalds

Wallpaper Other by debian1993 8 comments

I think your picture is great, but since you asked for feedback... ;-P

The pictures that show up in google images all show his hair mirrored. (compared to your pic.)

But anyhow, your picture resembles him very good. - May 05 2006
Miscellaneous User Pics

Icon Sub-Sets by eriol 15 comments

It looks like Bitstream Vera Sans Serif.

I believe KDE makes "Sans Serif" a link to your default sans serif-font. Very often this is Vera Sans. - Mar 26 2006
Gear Head

Wallpaper Other by thejaunt 4 comments

Ah,... I see.


Ok, so what you need to do is load you picture in the Gimp, optionally resize it, and then save as jpeg. It will give you a nice preview where you can see what the compression does to you image quality. - Mar 20 2006
Macro Keyboard freed

Wallpaper Other by emuboy 4 comments

haha, much better! - Mar 16 2006
Macro Keyboard

Wallpaper Other by tomasvilda 3 comments

... too bad about the win-key. ;-) - Mar 15 2006
Gear Head

Wallpaper Other by thejaunt 4 comments

So, you have made an image,...which you'd like to upload to kde-look. So far so good. But then you start up the MS picture viewer-thingy to make a screenshot, thereby creating an image of another image. (!?)

I'm breaking my head on this. What's the reason for the screenshot? Am I missing something obvious?

PS. I like the image though ;-) - Feb 17 2006
Fiat Punto - blue

Wallpaper Other by kekko 4 comments

Microsoft, Fiat team on car technology - Feb 17 2006
merge directories

Dolphin Service Menus by caminoix 7 comments

Ah, that was easier than I expected...
N.B. It does not check for existing directories with the same name!


target=`kdialog --inputbox "target directory"`
mkdir $2/$target

for dir in $3
cp -r $dir/* $2/$target

if [ $1 == "move" ]
for dir in $3
rm -r $dir/*
rmdir $dir
fi - Feb 05 2006
merge directories

Dolphin Service Menus by caminoix 7 comments

Hey that's quick! Great! :-D

> into one called "merged"

Would it be be possible to use a pop-up box that ask for the name of the directory that will be created.

With the pop-up, I can fill it in and continue on another task, while the computer happily merges my dirs on the background. For me the merge-task is done, the computer can perform it without me looking at it.

Without the pop-up, I have to remember to return to the merging-task to rename the 'merged'-dir or wait for it (even if it is just a few seconds) to have the merge done. (BTW, what happens with multiple merges in one dir?) - Feb 05 2006
No dependency hell 1

Wallpaper Other by blurymind 11 comments

dpkg --force-depends-version: Don't care about versions when checking dependencies.

dpkg --force-conflicts: Install, even if it conflicts with another package. This is dangerous, for it will usually cause overwriting of some files. - Jan 29 2006
Blender mimetype Icons

Icon Sub-Sets by TOD 6 comments

The additions are great!
I really like the blender_3_2-icon, it blends in really well with other Crystal icons.

There's just one thing... it needs a text ("Blender" sans-serif) in the orange bar. - Aug 26 2005
Blender mimetype Icons

Icon Sub-Sets by TOD 6 comments

Well,... the font is different. All crystal icons I saw use a sans-serif font; left-aligned, not centered.

BTW: I think it'd look great if you change the blue bar to the blender-style orange. :-D - Aug 24 2005
Java(tm) Launcher

Dolphin Service Menus by kdt 6 comments

why not add an application for the mime-type "application/x-jar"?

(the command you want is of course: "java -jar") - Jul 25 2005

Wallpaper Other by ytannus 2 comments

is this a feline attack from our FVWM friends? :-) - Nov 15 2004