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Andres Andres Punta Alta, Argentina
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EsPacTra Iconset

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Mar 09 2006
Thank you!! really!! But the other people don't think the same I guess (42%). =/ - Mar 17 2006
Yes, you have reason. I was fixed it. - Mar 09 2006
Dropline Nuovo!

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by ertz
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Nov 30 2005
You was created a nice iconset. You helped me a lot about the looking of my system ;)

A suggestion is: try to create the gtk stock icons using a bold contourn (line around the icon borders). Because an stock icon can be small (32x32) so with a bold border line this will be visible in smaller sizes, if not it will appears some translucent (that is happening now).
Same about mimetype icons: In some mimetype icons you have a little text saying the mime type ("HTML" for example), that text is too small, can you do it more bigger?? So can be readable in small sizes.

If you want too, you can make your folder icons in different colors (green, blue, red, white, black :P).

Thank you! :)
Bye! - Oct 19 2005
MCLinux iconset

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Oct 17 2005
Aaahhh, sorry, I forgot. The people here saying about terribly icon folder is a oldest folder. Now I was updated it. They are mention to another kind of folder, not your folder, ok??

:) - Oct 19 2005
Terrible?? I just was try to make some decent folder. I just try copying from a real life folder. And is hard really, is hard to fit the needs in a folder icon. I don't think that is terrible. You just do a good work. :)
Can we later modify it to do a best one, for now it is good. :)

Bye! - Oct 19 2005
I'm not using metacity. I'm using xfwm4 (the XFCE4 Window Manager). And the style is "Blackwall".
I'm using too a GTK engine called "ClearLooks" for drawing widgets (User Interface). - Sep 06 2005
Yes, you have all reason about that. But I cannot find some desirable icon folder. Just a blue silver one in a little size look bad. I need to search more to find some acceptable icon folder.
If you know about one please let me know! I don't like the actually but I don't have choice for now!

Thank you! - Sep 06 2005

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by saki
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Nov 20 2005
Nice icon theme, really. Just I was used some of that (from OpenClipart) for my own icon theme.
Really, the GTK svg engine is not very nice in some aspects but you can adapt that icons for work same looking as inkscape. I just was done that in my icon theme. I don't know what kind of library are you using but I'm using rsvg and GTK 2.6.10.

bye - Sep 04 2005