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Anton  Chumak Charkow, Ukraine

Utilities by phfaist 25 comments

this may be great feature for kile. One of it's tabs can display current rendered content of formula environment. - Jun 07 2006

Utilities by ciaraan 25 comments

picoxine is a great thing but it's volume behaviour is horrible! It dosent notice the mixer settings! How to add command line option in "other player" dialog? Trying to use it with volume option I had to write a script like this:

picoxine -v 40 "$1"
amixer set PCM 110+

after this volume behaviour became more suitable.
- Jun 01 2006

Utilities by ciaraan 25 comments

how about --volume option? I would like to hear events lower then my music etc. How can I do it with picoxine? - May 24 2006