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Mariusz S , Poland
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Nov 19 2007
Thx. I've fixed it. :) - Nov 19 2007
Seems like it's a common ooffice bug I don't really know how to fix it. It happens with every theme i have installed on my pc. The funny thing is when i start ooffice from console it works well without any errors.
As for 2nd question. Just copy the theme to /usr/share/themes. - Nov 19 2007
As you wish :]. I will make metacity frames in next version I'll also try to make the theme less bright. I'm a novice in these things, especialy creating metacity, so it take me much time. - Nov 16 2007
thx for your compliment. I would say your mod looks better than the original one ;) - Nov 16 2007
unfortunately I can't make compiz & emerald work on my fedora as a result of poor ati drivers quality ;( - Nov 16 2007
try this how-to:
it should work on linux mint :] - Nov 16 2007