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Anup Shukla
GTK2 Themes
Divergence IV - "A New Hope"

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Nov 23 2010
The best ever !!

However, if I may suggest,

1. index.theme refers to 'Faenza Dark' for the icon theme, should be 'Faenza-Dark' I keep getting an error saying that 'Faenza Dark' is not installed.

2. Progress bar text color is the same as bg and hence not visible when bar moves over the text. I suggest adding 'fg[PRELIGHT] = @text_color' to the progress bar section.

Thank you for this wonderful wonderful theme.

- Nov 30 2010

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Oct 12 2010

I updated the theme to include the breadcrumb images.

If you wish to use the images only, they are in gtk-2.0/breadcrumbs/ directory.

I got them from Elementary-Mod GTK theme combined with the nautilus breadcrumb hack -

Not sure if thats the cleanest way to do it.. but works.

You can also find a cool looking breadcrumb in the Fundamental Round 2 theme. - Oct 12 2010
Its DockbarX


Hope this helps. - Oct 11 2010
Thanks !
Feels great to have a positive comment :-) - Oct 08 2010
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Nov 30 2010
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Nov 30 2010
Blue Ash

Wallpaper Other
by kestal

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Nov 30 2010
Vitruvian Tux

Wallpaper Other
by aktarus

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Nov 30 2010