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System Software by LinuxDooM 41 comments

Hi, I enjoy the app very much thank you.

Although I cannot get the automount feature to work.

I right click on the usb device (4gb flash drive), (sdj1), and click "set auto-mounting", I get to the first screen (vendor field is empty not sure what to put there) so I just click next, then I enter the mount point (/media/Disk -- a manually created directory root permissions), next screen I just leave the default options in there, the next screen I select the user and group to mount it as. Then I hit finish.

I go to tool->usb manager, and I see my auto-mount in there. Then, I take the usb stick out of the computer, and put it back in, and I see sdj1 appear in the list of mounts in mountmanager, but it does not automatically mount for some reason... not quite sure how to get this to work, more details please ! Thanks..
- Feb 14 2009