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Arvid Norlander , Sweden

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Mar 04 2014
Yes that was long ago, I don't even use the same computer any more. I don't have a nVidia card any longer but is using a ATI card (that have other problems with OpenGL though, like X.Org locking up). - Dec 01 2006
Until I can fix the strange problems in Linux I will not start on any ebuild. The problem is in 0.5.3:
I only get mesh, not that "yellow surface".

I tried the following without success:
Deactivating every acceleration I found for my nVidia card.
Running using VGA-driver in 800x600.
Using binary.

It works in Windows.

I have:
nVidia Geforce3 Ti 200
Pentium 4 2.0 GHz
512 MB RAM
80 GB harddrive
512 MB swap

Any idea what the problem is? - Sep 17 2005

The same bug is in version 5.0.3 for Windows. - Sep 15 2005
But doesn't QT cost money for Windows? - Sep 14 2005
I have only tested this in the Windows version:

I animation is enabled and exit K3DSurf whithout stoping the animation first I get this error:

k3dsurf.exe - Programfel
Instruktionen på "0x0041b3c1" refererade till minnet på "0x01c90cb8". Det gick inte att utföra en minnesåtgärd. Följande fel returnerades: The memory could not be "read".

OK Avbryt

The error is partly in Swedish because of a Swedish XP.


Följande fel returnerades=The following error was returned

Programfel=Application error

Det gick inte att utföra en minnesåtgärd.=It was not possible to execute a memory request. (I'm not sure on this one. May be access instead of request. Or somethig else.)

Instruktionen på "0x0041b3c1" refererade till minnet på "0x01c90cb8".= The instruction at "0x0041b3c1" referred to the memory at "0x01c90cb8"
- Sep 13 2005

Why can't I reply to the message above?

Gentoo is up again (from backups) and I don't trust ReiserFS any longer. Do you know any other good FS? I have a LOT of small files so not EXT3.

I don't want to install a testing package that is so important to the system as GCC. How should I downgrade if something goes wrong? Remember Gentoo compile the package when you install it.

By the way, are there an explanation for those icons at The faces and the arrows I can understand, but the square and the "blob"? - Sep 13 2005

I'm using 30x30 on a Pentium 4 2.0GHz. The animation isn't smooth. I have tried this on both Windows and Linux. I even tried running X using twm only to test if KDE was using up my cpu. It didn't help.

The nVidia drivers included with X don't have OpenGL accleration. - Sep 13 2005

But where is the last version for Windows? And it is slow to. But I don't have any mesh related problem in Windows. - Sep 13 2005
nVidia provides Linux OpenGL dirvers at

They are free but not open source. I have OpenGL accleration. I get 400 FPS in the OpenGL game gl-117 at maximum quality. No accleration? - Sep 13 2005

It's very slow. Maybe you could add OpenGL? - Sep 13 2005
Everything was messed up. A power failure did that. And I thought: I'm using ReiserFS, it's journaling, no need for alarm.

But I was wrong, a lot of files are missing from / and /usr and I emerged gcc-3.4 after this happened but before I discovered the loss.

GCC 3.4 is not stable in Gentoo. But portage (the installation system in Gentoo) was messed up to. But I recovering everything now. I have to write this in IE on XP :( - Sep 13 2005

I now understand why gcc 3.4 don't show up above. The slocate database was not up to date. I emerged (gentooish for installed ;-) ) gcc 3.4 the same day.

I wouldn't go beoynd 3.4, i ONLY install stable versions for packages important for running the system. - Sep 12 2005

I already have GCC 3.4!

It can't be that.

To disable OpenGL accleration I have to change dirver from "nvidia" to "nv" in xorg.conf and unload the "nvidia" kernelmodule. I don't want to do that, because of VGA-conneted TFT-screen. It will set to strange refreshrates! I also run a lot of OpenGL apps that wouldn't work.

But maybe the line

Option "RenderAccl" "on"

in xorg.conf got somethig to do with this.

By the <br> don't work at! - Sep 12 2005

If it don't use OpenGL, maybe this information is interesting:

QT ebuild version=qt-3.3.4-r3 - Sep 12 2005

Linux binary don't work. I get "./k3dsurf-0.5.2: error while loading shared libraries: cannot open shared object file: No such file or directory"

I know my system is up-to-date. The Gentoo release is from August 2005, and I keep it up-to-date.

A "locate" outputs:












My problems was that I don't get mesh! Except by using PovRay. - Sep 12 2005

K3DSurf builds and starts correctly, but I can only get wireframe! I use X.Org with nVidia OpenGL drivers.

I have tried activating and deactivating Mesh. And I see a bit of Mesh, but only where there are more than four "layers" of wireframe!

Any idea? I don't know what more info you may need. - Sep 11 2005

Your screenshots... They are Windows!

Does this mean that K3DSurf only needs QT not KDE? Or is it some strange KDE-theme? I'm confused because I can't program i C/C++, so I can't read the code. - Sep 11 2005

I found the PovRay option.

Does K3DSurf depend on PovRay?

I need to know what packages an Ebuild should depend on and what is optional (so called USE flags in Gentoo).

The user may select USE flags and the packages are then compiled with or without support for different things.

By the way, K3DSurf is great. - Sep 11 2005

I see my last message about Gentoo went wrong. It should say

For Gentoo I will need to install in /usr/kde/<kdeversion>/. - Sep 11 2005

How do you do to select installation location without "./configure --prefix"? The instructions said "qmake; make".

For Gentoo I will need to install in /usr/kde//.

Ebuilds are basicly scripts describing how to build the package from source and install it. - Sep 11 2005

I never done that before, but it shouldn't be to hard. I don't have time at the moment. Maybe next week. - Sep 11 2005
Are there any ebuilds for K3DSurf? - Sep 11 2005
Guess distro

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Feb 04 2006
I made a even better version at

If you use my contribs: please mention AnMaster in a "thanks to"-list or something. - Jan 06 2006
Is Guess distro posted at both and Your comment haven't appeared at yet. Odd. - Jan 06 2006
A updated fix is at

I would like the original author to comment upon this and also to fix the original script. - Jan 06 2006
I posted a fixed version at

I'm not sure if the filenames for other distros are right. But now it works on Gentoo.

I would be grateful if anyone could rewrite my Perl regular expression to an extended or basic regular expression. Perl regular expression support is not very common, I'm afraid. - Jan 05 2006
Should it realy be:
test -r "/etc/redhat-release" && DISTRO=`cat /etc/fedora-release`
Shouldn't it be:
test -r "/etc/fedora-release" && DISTRO=`cat /etc/fedora-release`

test -r "/etc/gentoo-relase" && DISTRO=`cat /etc/debian_version`
is wrong too.
It should be
test -r "/etc/gentoo-relase" && DISTRO=`cat /etc/gentoo-release`

And the file /etc/gentoo-release isn't of intrest. For gentoo check where the symlink /etc/make.profile points. Then get the profile from the path.
In my case it points to /usr/portage/profiles/default-linux/x86/2005.1
That means I have a Gentoo Linux 2005.1 install.
/etc/gentoo-release contains
Gentoo Base System version 1.6.13
And that is not of intrest. - Jan 05 2006
MacOS Classic Sound Pack

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May 22 2008
The sounds are perfect. - Dec 25 2005
Kubuntu KControl fix

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Nov 27 2005
Maybe something based on sed will make it portable?

Example ():
sed 's/^Exec=.*/Exec=kcontrol/' -i /path/to/file

Replace '.*' with the original value. '.*' will match anything.

The -i option means: Do the change in place. - Nov 27 2005
Using rotate wheel in K menu (Mockup)

Various KDE 1.-4. Improvements 6 comments

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Nov 27 2005
A good idea.
But where is the download? - Nov 27 2005

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Jan 14 2006

Are there any Gentoo ebuilds for rawimage?

Anyway I'm downloading it now! - Nov 05 2005
Can rawimage handle RAW images from a Minolta Dimage A2?
The files got names like "IMG0001.MRW". - Nov 05 2005

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by ariya
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Jun 03 2008
Are there any Gentoo ebuilds? - Nov 02 2005

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Nov 15 2005
Are there any Gentoo ebuilds for Kalcoolus? - Sep 13 2005

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Nov 07 2011
Thank you!

I'm afraid I have not been able to test it yet.

Why is it not in the portage tree? - Sep 12 2005

Are there any ebuilds for QtiPlot?
I don't want to make my own if someone else alredy has. ;) - Sep 11 2005
kdesu patch(mockup)

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Feb 10 2005
I agree. 9 times out of 10 I just want to enter the root password. - Sep 11 2005

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Feb 19 2010
A very good screensaver! The gentoo ebuild files make it even better! - Sep 11 2005
KCAD: Kontrol-Alt-Delete (KSS)

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Jan 08 2002
Is there any ebuilds for KCAD? - Sep 11 2005

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by NiQ
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Jun 17 2007
Are there any ebuilds for Qalculate!? - Sep 11 2005
PG Calculator

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Aug 10 2008
Are there any ebuilds for PG Calculator? - Sep 11 2005