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Aleksey Gladfish , United States of America
GTK2 Themes
Ubuntu Dapper with Slab menu

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Jul 08 2006
Yup, XFWM has the most stable compositing manager (from all the ones I've tried) ATM. I used it in Gnome for a while before switching to Xfce completely. I'd like to try the menu, but I'm too lazy to install, log out, log into Gnome, etc. ^^; - Jul 08 2006

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Apr 21 2006
If anyone want the tabs to be blue like in clearlooks, change this the bg[SELECTED] from "#628cb2" to "#F79537" in the "clearlooks-notebook" section in the gtkrc. - Jun 07 2006
Which setting in the gtkrc changes the tab color? - Jun 07 2006

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by timme
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May 03 2006
Cool, works great with my E17 desktop now! ^_^ BTW, how do u make that bar down there look like that? That's engage, right? - May 10 2006