GTK2 Themes by vincethewipet 19 comments

So far every question about the desktop has been asked except for the one I have. :)

What is the icon theme and where can I get it? - Sep 22 2007

System Sounds by FastEdi 8 comments

Stallman's feelings about free software are everwhere.

The song wasn't necessary. - Sep 22 2007
MurrinaFancyClearlooks Themepack

GTK2 Themes by Zerthis 41 comments - Sep 22 2007
MurrinaFancyClearlooks Themepack

GTK2 Themes by Zerthis 41 comments - Sep 22 2007
OS-K icons

Full Icon Themes by simoo 155 comments

I can't stand sites like you're using. I've not come across this one before but it's as bad as Rapidshare.

You really need to get a website. Hosting is dirt cheap these days.

In fact it's so cheap that if you'd rather not, I'll be happy to host your files for you on my site. I've got plenty of bandwidth.

No waiting, just click and download.

- Sep 03 2007
Ready for Fedora

Cliparts by peterm 4 comments


What exactly did you do with it? - Sep 01 2007

Utilities by Multimedia4Linux 19 comments

I note in your readme file you give nice instructions for Kubuntu users:

"Install for Kubuntu 7.04
Open the KDE terminal

1) Install package:
sudo apt-get install hal
sudo apt-get install hal-device-manager
sudo apt-get install hal-info
sudo apt-get install kde-hal-device-manager
sudo apt-get install libhal1
sudo apt-get install libhal-storage1
sudo apt-get install kommander
sudo apt-get install udftools
sudo apt-get install dvd+rw-tools"

But I could not help but notice you spent extra time typing it out the (needlessly) long way.

The end result? Users spend even more time installing than you spent typing.

Make it easy on yourself and everyone else.

Just one line:

"sudo apt-get install hal hal-device-manager hal-info kde-hal-device-manager libhal1 libhal-storage1 kommander udftools dvd+rw-tools"

Quicker for you to type and quicker for us to copy and paste! :)

Badda-bing Badda-boom!

I "fixed" it before installing the packages you suggested and the result? I was told I had everything but udftools as APT was downloading and installing for me. :) - Aug 31 2007
Clearlooks Big Pack -Cairo

GTK2 Themes by bvc 2 comments

I'm glad to see them still around. - Jul 31 2007

System Sounds by FastEdi 8 comments

That was the "GNU/Stallmans" and that version (while sounding better) still had those ghastly lyrics.

Stallman should "keep his day job".... - Jul 30 2007

System Sounds by FastEdi 8 comments

Do you also have his hairy lovely mug for your desktop background?

If only Linus had written "GNU" as well....

- Jul 30 2007
Human for Compiz

Metacity Themes by duger 9 comments

Is there an echo in here? - Jul 30 2007
If not, what is the Metacity theme? - Jul 30 2007

Icon Sub-Sets by iamFIREcracker 50 comments

"Mono" or "Monochrome" - Jul 16 2007
gnome folder restyling

Icon Sub-Sets by whiteelfis 18 comments

It's amazing how many out there like the original eh?

There is no accounting for taste.

This one is a vast improvement. - Jul 16 2007
going SuSE

Wallpaper Other by zemkooo 33 comments

of why there are so few Women in the world of Open Source. - Jun 26 2007

Wallpaper Other by smashse 10 comments

I'm not seeing a corner logo. - Jun 26 2007

Icon Sub-Sets by scourge 44 comments

That should be... - Jun 22 2007

Icon Sub-Sets by scourge 44 comments

I've got the file though.

http:/ - Jun 22 2007

Icon Sub-Sets by scourge 44 comments

Try this instead: - Jun 22 2007

Icon Sub-Sets by scourge 44 comments

Re-read the description.

It's not his artwork. :) - Jun 22 2007
Vista Splash - Moodin

KDE 3.x Splash Screens by shani248 6 comments

I can't imagine what possessed you to include the Windows Logo in this.

Personally, I don't hate Windows, but this just doesn't make sense. - Jun 19 2007
Ubuntu Christian Edition GDM

GDM Themes by mhancoc7 23 comments

Those poor Christian Windows users. I pity them more than the Non-Christian Windows Uers.

Thank God for Christian Ubuntu!

Thank you Jesus! - Jun 19 2007
Ubuntu Christian Edition GDM

GDM Themes by mhancoc7 23 comments

It seems kind of silly. I mean there's no "Windows Christian Edition" yet Windows Bible-thumpers manage to find all the "Christian" software they want.

I'm sure Ubuntu (or Debian, Fedora, SUSE, Mandriva, Gentoo and so on..) users are capable of installing "Christian" software.

Most (if not all) of it can be found in the respective repositories.

But if one *must* go for a "religious" version of Ubuntu, then Ubuntu "Satanic Edition" is a far better idea don't you think?

Can I get an "AMEN!"? - Jun 19 2007
Ubuntu CE Blue GDM

GDM Themes by romans1119 5 comments

OK, but not as cool as the Ubuntu Satanic Edition GDM - Jun 19 2007
Ubuntu Satanic Edition

GDM Themes by parker13 7 comments

:) - Jun 19 2007
Ubuntu Basic Black

GDM Themes by twrock 7 comments

Just what I wanted.

The color, and matching Wallpaper - Jun 19 2007
fedora wallpaper 1024x768

Wallpaper Other by srrios 1 comment

That's soooo 20th century. - Jun 18 2007
Fedora Core Wallpapers

Wallpaper Other by rowancompsciguy 1 comment

That's soooo 20th century. :) - Jun 18 2007
Pardus Ultimate

Full Icon Themes by xerox5555 3 comments

Not than I an tell. But then, I don't know what you were expecting... - Jun 17 2007
Human_KDE Modified

Full Icon Themes by cookies 11 comments

If you've got ubuntu-desktop installed the Ubuntu default icons work in KDE/Kubuntu as well. - Jun 17 2007
KIO Slave sysinfo:/ - Debian testing pkg

Various KDE 1.-4. Improvements by jerrad 16 comments

Microsoft finally got rid of the "My" stuff in Windows Vista. Frankly they should have never used it in Windows in the first place. Now it's thankfully just "Computer", "Documents" and so forth.

Get the hint? ;) - Jun 10 2007
Designed for Firefox

Cliparts by rebe 5 comments
- Jun 08 2007

GTK2 Themes by liviopl 5 comments

"Błąd 404

Strona, której szukasz nie istnieje; mogła zostać przeniesiona, lub usunięta. Możesz spróbować poszukać lub wrócić na start."

I guess he changed his mind... - Jun 07 2007

GTK2 Themes by priyank 17 comments

It deserves better than the bland default GNOME icon theme. :) - Jun 07 2007
White Perl

XFCE/XFWM4 Themes by arialis111 6 comments

I like the icons too. What theme are they? - Jun 07 2007

Dolphin Service Menus by timb 65 comments

You must have been down the other night when I tried it (several times). It works now. Thanks. - Jun 04 2007
Tulliana icon set

Icon Sub-Sets by umutpulat 34 comments

Is it "soon?" yet? - Jun 02 2007
mount_and open

Dolphin Service Menus by pedrotux 5 comments

I had the exact same question. - Jun 02 2007
Beep-Media-Player plugin for Konqueror

Dolphin Service Menus by maver 1 comment

KDE Music apps not doin' it fer ya eh? ;) - Jun 02 2007

Dolphin Service Menus by LinuxTom41101 5 comments

The latest KDE provides this functionality :) - Jun 02 2007

Dolphin Service Menus by timb 65 comments

An error occurred while loading
Unknown host - Jun 02 2007

KDE 3.5 Themes by p3001ee 58 comments

It's closer to Plastik than Clearlooks. In fact, it's much closer. - May 19 2007
My KDE 3.5 Wallpaper

Wallpapers KDE Plasma by neptune3k 18 comments

"!!! WARNING !!! The ksvg plugin doesn't currently seem to be able to handle this svg so you may be obliged to use inkscape to convert it to a bitmap oriented format."

Why would I want to convert it? Isn't this the "SVG Wallpaper" category?

Another thought: this is KDE, right?

So why Inkscape? Why not Karbon14?

Oh and great wallpaper btw. It was on my desktop as I wrote this. :) - May 17 2007
linux vista

KDE 3.5 Themes by webonauta 27 comments

Try reading through the thread a bit... - May 04 2007
Aqua Glaze (beta release)

Full Icon Themes by saki 9 comments

I'm just sick to death of Linux users (*BSD folks tend to avoid this lameness) feeling like they can't use Linux unless they also hate Microsoft.

Well guess what? I use Linux and and I don't "hate" Microsoft.

For that matter, I run Vista too.

Seriously, take all that wasted energy and put it into promoting Linux instead of tearing down another OS.

In other words, grow up, people! - May 04 2007
KBFX - Vista

Various Stuff by moodwrod 24 comments

Am I missing someting? I don't see it in the tarball. - May 04 2007
Gentoo, Kubuntu & Arch Ksplash

KDE 3.x Splash Screens by AngelusNoctis 20 comments

Stealing from anyone is bad regardless of the source and it's blatantly obvious that you did.

GPL? WTF? - May 04 2007
Gawd bless u.

And may gawd bless u for all that gawd blessing.

gawd bless. - May 04 2007
Vista Impossible

Cliparts by BlackStone 34 comments

I'm sorry to hear that.

Mine is ready for it and running it (in addition to Ubuntu of course). :-) - Apr 28 2007
Wannabe Vista

Wallpaper Other by danielretief 5 comments


My previous post was not meant for you but for the "author".

My mistake. - Mar 27 2007