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Cupertino iCons Collection

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Jan 25 2020
6 okay some error with directory icon width - May 28 2019
Hello, I have detected an error. In the Nautilus file system, directory icons are not seen properly for generic directories and for hidden directories (. "Dir_name"). This happens in the "Cupertino Mojave" icon pack, however, the "Cupertino" icon pack does not even show any directory, it goes blank. Send reference images through Google Photos.
Cupertino.tar.xz: - May 28 2019

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Jan 30 2020
How can I customize my ubuntu to look like Budgie? - May 25 2019
i can install it or is only to mac os? it's looks great.
photo: - May 22 2019
Score 81.5%
6   May 28 2019
6 okay some error with directory icon width