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Wacom Control Panel

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Jun 02 2011
Bump* :( - May 05 2011
Im using Ubuntu Natty narwhal 11.04
kernel linux 2.6.38-9-generic
gnome 2.32.1
and the message is in the app itself
take a look.. - May 04 2011
yeah, it works, but the issue with missing traces still there in gimp :/, also why i cant configure anything in your app ?? like a said on my last replay it only detects my tablet and in the pad sections says cannot find device 'Wacom intuos4 6x9 pad ?? - May 04 2011
hi ^^

im a totally noob, is my first experience in linux so im really confused, hope somebody help me out...
i recently got a new wacom intuos4 medium
and when i connect it to my pc the wacom utility detects my tablet but i cant configure anything and i dont know why :(
i cant ajust any pressure and nothing, also in the wacom intuos4 6x9 pad section
all the buttons says Cannot find device 'Wacom intuos4 6x9 pad, why is that ?? i can only draw lines at the drawing test area..... im runing ubuntu 11.04 - May 04 2011
I have the same issue in gimp :/
the other programs works just perfect like my paint.... just in gimp when i start tracing some lines get traced and others no, its very frustrating also im runing 11.04 - May 04 2011
Faenza-Cupertino Kde

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Oct 20 2010
i installed in my linuxmint kde distro and it looks excellent!
keep it up :D - May 05 2011
Emesene Monochrome Icon Theme

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by 6Sero
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Jun 14 2010
just what im looking for!!

thanks a lot dude :) - Apr 05 2011
Faenza-Cupertino Kde

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by mrmars

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9   May 05 2011
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9   Apr 05 2011