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AndrzejL PCLinuxOS , Ireland
Smooth Tasks 2

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Nov 02 2013

I have compiled KDE 4.8.3 under PCLinuxOS and I must say those 2 default task managers that KDE devs provide... I do not like them to much... Well the icon-only one is _okish_ but it has no option to stop grouping... I am used to using smooth-tasks as I was using the repository version of it under KDE 4.6.5... I tried to compile smooth-tasks under KDE 4.8.3 from tarball / hg repo but was running into a lot of trouble and no patches were fixing it... Boy am I glad I found this project... please do not stop maintaining it! :).


Andy - May 31 2012
Smooth Tasks 2

Plasma 4 Extensions
by henry4

Score 85.0%
9   May 31 2012