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Andrey Kemka Zhitomir, Ukraine

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Sep 13 2017
Additionally to bugs above there is also a problem with font color of date. It's dark on dark gnome panel in fallback mode :) - Apr 24 2012
Now it works and looks perfectly even with OpenOffice :) - Oct 22 2011
Dark menu is not a good idea for Zukitwo-Dark...
Transmission 2.41. Also there is some problem with Firefox menu... Please, return previous color scheme of menu :) - Oct 22 2011
Funny, my LibreOffice 3.3 also have no scrollbars, even after resize... - Jun 03 2011
Thanks, now menus are fine except firefox - - May 31 2011
Great theme! :) But there are some problems. Like menu in Transmission(gtk2, Zukitwo-Dark) - Also gtk2 looks much better than gtk3... for example this dialog - GTK3 haven't a color for active button, and gradient is not the same as in gtk2. Oh, and main/context menu in gtk2 is always dark. Maybe it would be better to make it dark for gtk3? :) - May 29 2011

GTK3 Themes
by lassekongo83

Score 76.5%
9   May 29 2011