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Andrew Sam Coimbatore, India
I've already commented on the big titlebars on your other package pages. slightly bigger windows controls is another thing and it wud be awesome if you can make a version with lighter panel color, it wud be awesome as well.

But overall great work, nice details and colors chosen, unobstrusive for work and good taste.

these changes wud be the icing on the cake.

- Mar 23 2010
Equinox GTK Engine

GTK2 Themes by tiheum 257 comments

Hi there... firstly great work. Awesome details and I guess you've spent quality time on this. And we are better for it.

The window control buttons might be a little too thin in height. And also why not adding option for light panel colors. and thinner title bars - Mar 22 2010
9   Feb 04 2011
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9   Feb 04 2011
OS X Aurorae

Plasma Window Decorations
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9   Feb 04 2011