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May 22 2008
Quid pro quo. I guess in your hurry to call me a "dumbass", you didn't see my followup post. As for seriousness: yes, this is a serious matter. Your comments may not be serious (I don't know why you posted them, unless you were bored?) but that doesn't detract from the seriousness of the issue, name-calling aside. - Jan 03 2005
Sorry, I meant my previous comment to respond to cmost, while the files were uploaded by sagefire.
I agree with Kwack in every respect. These sounds, especially in their entirety, are not meant for public consumption unless Apple releases them. - Jan 01 2005
I think there can be no argument that Apple "owns" these sounds. Unless you have a letter from Apple addressed to your name, you are placing yourself in a serious legal position by posting these sounds. At the very least, you ought to inquire with Apple as to whether your interpretation of the APSL is correct ("it's easier to get forgiveness than permission").

But, I don't think that you will do this. Your posts are ignorant, logically fallible, rude, and sarcastic: you seem to think "irregardless" is a word (made up in your fantasy world, I guess), that air can be "copyrighted" (not a shred of sense there), that everyone else wears "panties" (like you, I'm led to conclude), and, after trashing someone else's advice and logically-inferred conclusions, wish them to enjoy the holidays!

Note that if Apple wants to sue you, can give them a name, email address, and IP address. From your inability to demonstrate intelligence or responsibility, however, I would say you have no assets worth going after. Hopefully a moderator or responsible person will remove your files and do the community a favor before the whole site is shut down. - Jan 01 2005