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Andras Varga Budapest
Katesort plugin

Text Editors by mkyral 6 comments

Great plugin, I missed this functionality in Kate a lot. Thanks!

> Do you have an idea for another plugin? I can promise nothing, but if it interest me, maybe I will do it.

Find/Replace in all open files? Basically it's an additional checkbox "[ ] in all open files" in the Replace dialog; when search reaches the bottom of the current file, it should simply wrap to the next open file. That's all. In other editors I use it all the time, and it's annoying that neither Kate nor Gedit supports it. Interested? :) - Jun 17 2008
Beesoft Commander

System Software by piotrpsz 52 comments

Hi Pjotr,

Looks promising, but do you plan to add a command-line and make it possible to see the output (like in mc)? I'd like to use Ctrl+Enter to paste filenames from the panel into the command line, and after executing a command, be able to hit Ctrl+O to see the output. Scrollback buffer for stdout/stderr output, that's all I want.

For a long time I'm trying to find a Linux equivalent of FAR Manager on Windows (or a graphical equivalent of mc if you like), until now without success. Gnome Commander comes close, but it doesn't show the output (stdout) of commands. Perhaps your baby can become what I need.
- Nov 11 2007

System Software by shie 103 comments

Is there any plan for tighter console integration like in FAR Manager for Windows? Right now I have to use FAR under Wine, but it's not the real solution. The point is, when I type a command I'd like to be able to hit Ctrl-O to turn off the panels and see the output, then scroll up with shift-PgUp etc. Like in MC, only MC is nearly unusable because of the broken terminal emulation (Esc Esc ]]D]]0, "The shell is already running a command" -- looks familiar?). Then I could compile and basically do everything from Krusader, and I'd never have to fire up Konsole again. The current, detached console in Krusader is not really good because the current directory doesn't follow the panels, I can't use Ctrl-Enter to copy the filename to the command line, and there's no hotkey to maximize it. - Oct 18 2005