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Screensavers 41 comments

by Andi
Score 50.0%
Feb 13 2005
You need to install qt-tools ot qt-free from sources.
- Sep 06 2005

Thank you for feedback! I am happy)

For everybody:

I am interesting by good graphics for qstars now. So if you have such, mail me please!

- Jun 29 2005

QStars do not use OpenGL for rendering now, but it requires quick CPU. I think this will be fixed in future.

- Jun 29 2005
>How do you install this on Mandrake?
>I am not familiar with KDE setup. As far as I see it uses xscreensaver to take care of the job.

No, it does not use the xscreensaver. After installation (with make install) required links will be added to KDE Control Center. Run it.

- Feb 04 2005
You need to replace this string in mainwindow.cpp:

static QString appdir = qApp->applicationDirPath();


static QString appdir = "/usr/local/bin/";
- Jan 10 2005
You need update Qt-library. Try 3.3.3 version (or 3.2 if possible).

Also you can replace this code (QApplication::applicationDirPath () call) by string "/usr/local/bin/".

- Jan 10 2005
I use KDE 2.2.2. I can not to resolve this problem :(
/usr/local/bin/ - this is correct path for local software. - Jan 12 2004
#include ?

What is your KDE version? - Jan 12 2004
Edit qstars-0.1/

share.path = /opt/kde3.2/...


qmake; make; make install - Jan 12 2004

Tactics & Strategy 12 comments

by Andi
Score 50.0%
Mar 04 2013

May be it need to change default score table? For example, from 15 to 25 for Novice level?

>The good thing is, if someone was so inclined, they could fork this wonderful game to make it more KDE-esque.

Ok. I think optional kde-support can be added without any problem. But only as optional.

In any case fork is not good thing. What about pure-gtk fork? gnome fork? clean-x fork? etc.

>I have yet to look at the code -- would it be possible to put the main game logic into a central lib that could then have different GUI front-ends built for it? Maybe it would not be worth it. lol

Contra-argument: what about to hide GUI ? Like frosen-bubble etc.?
No Qt/KDE-visible gui. No gtk/gnome-visible gui. Only skins. - Sep 16 2004
You need the NAS daemon for sound output and nas-dev package for compilation. Also qt must be compiled with
-system-nas-sound option. - Sep 15 2004
I like KDE. I use KDE too.
But I do not plan to integrate QNetWalk with KDE. Many users use Gnome, XFCE, etc and do not have kde-libs.
So Qt is a compromise.
In any case integration for such games is not critical. And qtconfig can help for more KDE-integration.

Thanks for feedback! - Sep 15 2004