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Ashleigh Tray
Semi-transparent Cursors

Cursors by bkudria 8 comments

These are quite frankly the coolest thing ever.
BUT, sometimes, when I'm waiting on something to come up on Epiphany, it shows my previous cursor. o_o
It's hard to describe, unforunately. :( I fail at describing things. - Feb 01 2008
Glossy Pink

GTK2 Themes by WereCat 8 comments

I absolutely love this theme.
It's modified like a Murrina theme but without having to have the Murrina engine. XD - Sep 03 2007
Mint theme

GTK2 Themes by twodogs 3 comments

I really like this theme, but just a question.
Did you have any particular reason for running root? o_o;; - Aug 09 2007

GTK2 Themes by lyrae 46 comments

This is a VERY nice theme. I used it for quite a long time, and it's likely I'll probably go back to it after a while.

You did a great job on it. - Jul 14 2007
Nova-lime(transparent panels)

GTK2 Themes by 5576 3 comments

You could always change your Metacity theme and fix that.

I really like this theme. :D - Jun 17 2007
DarkAge XMMS

XMMS Skins by isma 2 comments

I installed this theme to my XMMS, but when I turned XMMS on to test it, it wasn't the theme.

It was a dark gray with blue text instead. Am I using the wrong version of XMMS? (I'm running Ubuntu 6.06 Dapper)

Either way, I do love this theme, and the one I ended up with (it goes great with my desktop theme and wallpaper). ^^ - Jun 10 2007