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Vasily Khoruzhick Vancouver, Canada
I'm using intel driver - Nov 04 2010
Works OK without rouding.
I'm using gtk-2.20.1, cairo-1.10, pidgin-2.7.4 - Oct 28 2010

it seems that qtcurve gtk engine does wrong clip on popups with info in pidgin and menus in xchat, here's screenshot how pidgin's popup looks like:

Is there any way to fix this issue? - Oct 28 2010

System Software by anarsoul 5 comments

Can you specify your problem? I.e. v4l2ucp doesn't show input selection control/this control doesn't work/something else?

However, does your driver expose these settings as v4l2 controls? And what driver do you use? - Mar 24 2010

System Software by anarsoul 5 comments

You should try, as I have no tv tuner card. However, v4l2ucp supports almost all v4l2 controls. - Mar 23 2010

System Software by afiestas 58 comments

kbluetooth finds my bluetooth mouse, but fails to add it with message "Sorry your Bluetooth Device does not support input Service". Blueman successfully adds mouse. - Dec 22 2009
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