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Usplash Themes by Phylu 87 comments

ok i have got it working fine.
the only problem is that instead of saying 'Open Minds. Open Source. Open Future' like on your screenshots it says 'Press Alt + F1 for Verbose Mode'

what can i do to change this? - Apr 06 2009
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Usplash Themes by Phylu 87 comments

well it turned out i was running the other version by someone else.
your version doesnt seem to work at all. sudo usplash shows nothing for a few seconds then closes by itself.

any ideas? - Apr 05 2009
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Usplash Themes by Phylu 87 comments

love the theme
although for some reason the text box (whatever its called - activated by changing quiet in menu.lst) isnt located in the spot it is shown to be by the second screenshot. it is much larger and off the the right and down a bit. the text is also a different colour but i assume that can be changed in startup manager.

i like having the text because it is nice to see whats happening, also because im not so sure about having "now loading linux, the most advanced operating system" there.

sooo, how can i get it back where it is meant to be? - Apr 04 2009
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Usplash Themes by Embrace 19 comments

but not for me :(

it just wont show when i boot.
if i type sudo usplash into terminal the screen goes black then returns to the desktop.

im pretty sure i followed your instructions completely so i dont see why it isnt working.
im running hardy by the way - Apr 04 2009

GDM Themes by cimoc 36 comments

Hey i love this theme and will be using it for a very long while. Its very different to the rest of the windows or mac clones out there.

I have been doing some small modifications to the png files etc just to fit it in with my setup a bit more.
Im trying to round off the letters a little now and im wondering how i would go about rounding the username/password box? i cant seem to find the file anywhere.
If you could just let me know where the pixmap(?) is then i would appreciate it.
again, good stuff.

Got any splash themes by any chance? or, would you be able to point me in the direction of any sites on how to create my own? im very new to linux and coding but so far it has been fun. - Apr 03 2009

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by cimoc

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Apr 04 2009