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Amit Ramon

KDE 3.x Window Decorations 74 comments

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Oct 31 2005
I removed evrything, re-downloaded powder, compiled and installed it, then I discovered this was not the problem. I forgot to mention that I'm working with a Hebrew locale. Once I switched to en_US.UTF-8, everything was fine (and I could enjoy the beauty of powder ;-) ). Switching back to he_IL.UTF-8 returned the "bad" behaviour. What actually happen, is that all windows somehow shrunk to a width of about 10 (ten) pixels. So what I see are vertical bars instead of windows, with a height of the original window but a width of about 10 pixels. This is why I couldn't switch to another windec - you merely cannot use any window in this situation, you don't see, e.g., any button. It now seems to me as a bug which is related to some RTL or LTR ordering. I can email you a screenshot of the control center when powder is selected, let me know if you are interested. Also, if you think I can in someway help you resolve this just let me know.


Amit - Nov 24 2005
I compiled and installed it on kde 3.3.2 + xfree. However, when I select it in the control center only the left border of all windows are shown... This is wierd - I only see vertical lines where the left border is - I do not see any other part of any window, so I cannot even change it back. Had to manually modify winrc file.

What am I doing wrong?


Amit - Nov 21 2005