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KDE DVDAuthor Wizard

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May 29 2007
But I might be wrong (I just checked that openSUSE 10.2 will have it). ;-) - Dec 04 2006
I think GraphicsMagick is not that widespread yet (it is not available on many distros by default). - Dec 04 2006

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Nov 27 2006
Do you have the devel package as well for imagemagick? (imagemagick-dev or something like that). - Nov 28 2006
Yes, it's using tables. CSS layouting may come in version 2 if I'll have time to do it (the whole new version).
Until then one can fine-tune the look with the help of the templates.

Andras - Feb 17 2005
Everyone having this error, please send me the related part of the config.log. Seems that there is some problem with the new configure check. - Feb 13 2005
Fixed now, thanks for reporting. - Jul 07 2004
Examples are the screenshot section [], the pictures on my homepage [], various places of the KittyHooch site (well, if you don't know what is it, go to the Quanta site ;-) ), like

Well, you're right, I may put those links on the project website, but...I need more time.

Andras - Jan 15 2004
Quanta Plus

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Jan 26 2007
Report on for the Kate project. - Jun 24 2006
You are right this is a Katepart problem, but AFAIK it is fixed in 3.5.2. - Mar 29 2006
Now that is strange. I just checked and the file in the SVN (from where the tarball was created) contains the 3.5 logo. I don't have the tarball itself though, but I will test it later.
Please verify if your $KDEDIR/share/apps/quanta/toolbar/quantalogo.png
shows 3.5 or 3.4. It should have a timestamp from 07-08-2005.
Also be sure that you don't have KDE 3.4 and 3.5 installed in parallel and the 3.5 version does not pick the 3.4 data/config files. In that case you may see further problems, not only in Quanta. - Dec 03 2005
All cases are doable:
1) If you are on a web page, in Konqueror choose Location->Open With Quanta Plus
2) If you are in Konqeuror file-manager mode, right click on the file and choose open with Quanta Plus.
3) If you are in Quanta in the file open dialog just type the URL (like ftp://yourserver/yourfile), what you would put in Konqueror.
4) You can pass a full URL to the "quanta" executable as well.

Bonus: even the projects can be on a remote server.

Reason for all of the above: the great KIO technology from KDE. - Dec 02 2005
You mean open a file from http://..., or ftp://... ? That's possible since KDE2. Or to download a whole website? That's also possible since KDE2.
If none of the above, please go to and describe your request as a wish item for Quanta. - Dec 02 2005
1 & 2: VPL is not that stable. It is know. But the best is if you report the bugs with examples how to reproduce, so we can at least stabilize in the 3.5.x line. Improvements (including undo/redo) are expected only for version 4.

3..: if the result is standard compliant, complain for Konqueror on If not, complaing for KImageMapEditor at the same place with examples. - Dec 01 2005
"The one comment I could make about "auto features": the tag-completion is a bit too eager to do its job. Maybe this has been addressed in 3.4?"

Depends what you mean about "a bit too eager to do its job". If you have a concrete testcase in which case Quanta behaves wrongly or stays in your way, go to and report it there (with the test document).

Andras - Mar 27 2005
As you've found out, you can disable the auto-* features, if they annoy you.
In this case you can be sure that Quanta will not modify the document, of course unless you use some editor dialog (table, frame, css or such) or the VPL.
My assumption is that what you see comes from the automating updating of closing/opening tags.
But what would be useful is not removing such features (considered good and useful by others), but help fixing them by providing test cases and description in a bug report filed at

Andras - Jan 30 2005
We have a user list at

The answer to the question is: Window->MDI Mode->Tab Page Mode and arrange your views however you want.

Andras - Nov 20 2004
See my post on the user list: - Aug 28 2004
First be sure that the upload status of those files is not set to Never (upload). Check the context menu of them in the Project tree. Second now (in CVS version), if you use the Upload File or Upload Folder menus to upload something and not the Upload Project, even files with the Never upload status are selected for upload as the user deliberately wants to upload those.
See the ChangeLog for a description of the upload status feature. - Aug 05 2004
Uh, 3.3Beta1 (just released) is NEWER as 3.3BE2. Use that one! I will ask Eric to update the information on our homepage. - Jul 07 2004
Well, you are not forced to use it. Remember Quanta is mainly developed in the free time of developers (and this is especially true for VPL) and it's offered to you for free. Complaints like yours are anything but useful.
And just for your information, the VPL part was developed by a single person, who is still a student and doesn't have much time to work on Quanta. Neverless he did quite an impressing job. And as VPL is based on KHTML's editing possibilities (which were close to none when VPL development has started and there were cases when KHTML imposed a limitation) as soon as KHTML improves (and it improves and will improve) VPL will improve as well.
Thankfully a new developer has recently joined the project and there are good signs from the KHTML people, so the future of VPL looks good. Until that you can use Frontpage and enjoy the mess it generates.

Andras - Jul 07 2004
Actually you are (partially) wrong regarding the VPL. Some instability was caused by VPL related development. That is supposed to be fixed in 3.2.3 and 3.3Alpha1. I can say that the majority of the crash reports for Quanta during the last two months had the same cause.
Speed problems came from the rewritten parser which analyzed the document in detail and enables many functionality that makes Quanta Quanta, including autocompletion, tag editing, problem reporting, etc. But speed problems should be also fixed by now, at least in 99% of the cases it should be fast enough. Unfortunately while solving the speed problems some instability came in, but it slowly disappears.
So I agree that crashing while simply typing is not nice at all, but it doesn't mean that Quanta will stay in this form. I'm trying to make in very stable, especially for the 3.3 release.
Regarding the file tree: the file tree is fine for the majority of the users, but we have a wish for another type of tree. We just need someone to implement it, as it's not a top priority. Until that you can use e.g Konqueror, configure Quanta to run in unique mode and than when you click on a file on Konqueror, it will open it in the running Quanta instance. But I don't think it's useless if others are not using Quanta at your company,
Regarding the project handling: what you say is true for almost every IDE. It makes the most sense if everyone is using Quanta, but I can imagine that it would work in a mixed environment as well. - Jun 12 2004
Quanta 3.3 Bleeding Edge Release 2 screenshots:

They were up when the release was announced and are quite large ones. - May 07 2004
RedWolf WebDeveloper Studio

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Aug 23 2005
Quanta is a generic XML/script editor and has a WYSIWYG like functionality for (X)HTML pages. Although it works, it has some rough edges, partly because the internal code of Quanta, and partly because the KHTML support for editing HTML, but this improves. Except a big improvement in Quanta4. - Aug 24 2005
DVD Rip-O-Matic

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Oct 07 2006
You most probably have multiple kommander plugins installed, and Kommander from 3.4RC1 trying to load some old plugin. Check your libkommander* files. Only one should be in you LD_LIBRARY_PATH, path. - Mar 06 2005

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Jul 31 2005
Replace /opt/kde/share/apps/quanta/scripts
with $KDEDIR/share/apps/quanta/scripts
if $KDEDIR is set. If it's not,
$KDEDIRS should be set, in that case all entries from $KDEDIRS + "/share/apps/quanta/scripts" should be searched.

Andras - Nov 15 2004
Virtual Filesystem

Various KDE 1.-4. Improvements 30 comments

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Nov 13 2004

I appreciate your work (not only this, but also the others) and I hope you all know that this is not against this or other entry or the person who created it (Dik in this case). But there is one thing that makes me (and not only) think that there is some problem with this site. The problem is with the rating system and with categories. It's really strange that entries that are not code appear on the and even stranger that an entry without code or which is basicly a set of patches reaches the top positions in the matter of days. I can understand that they are popular and they are good ideas, but they are not real applications and it just breaks the credibility of such "highest rated" list when you see that it's rated higher than big and highly appreciated applications like K3B, Krusader or Quanta. Yes, I'm biased, but I don't write this because Quanta falls down one place or two, as I know that the user base is stable and appreciates is, but because in the current case nobody can take such a list seriously. In some cases if the patches get integrated in the applications (or in the KDE base/libs), the entry will be outdated. If the ideas doesn't materialize, they get outdated. If they are and become patches or integrated in applications, they are outdated. But the rating remains and will just pollute the list. So my idea would be some kind of reforming of the top items:
- new entries get some kind of penalty regarding the rating
- old entries without downloads or new ratings will also get some penalty
- some categories should not appear there

Nobody has to follow my ideas, maybe I'm completely wrong, but whatever, I had to write down this. ;-)

Andras - Nov 14 2004
Quanta Docbook Toolbars

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Sep 17 2004
> Hi Andr - Sep 18 2004
I though that you were the one who made the announcement. :-)
Great to see Quanta toolbars appear here. We hope our online repository will be up soon, so it will be even easier to share toolbars with others. - Sep 17 2004