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Alyn Smith , United Kingdom

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Oct 11 2008
Excellent set, really nice, my only question is, I would prefer to keep my Ubuntu circle logo as the "start"/gnome menu button instead of using the gnome foot logo. How can I change this?

Otherwise, great work, I love the set. - Apr 15 2009

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Mar 03 2006
Just read further down the thread where you say you have now acquired permission to use the image so I apologise if my last post seemed heavy handed. Although, for future reference, I strongly recommend checking out the Creative Commons Licences. - Apr 14 2009
As a photographer myself, I can tell you that's not the way it works. Copyright of any artistic work lies with the artist unless stated otherwise (for example, if the work is done on commission, copyright may be held by the company who commissioned the work). Unless you are notified otherwise, you should always assume the work to be all rights reserved (meaning you can't do anything at all with it).

There are many ways to find works which are available to edit; Firefox provides a method of searching through works uploaded to the internet under a creative commons licence, as does within it's uploaded content. In which case, you may search within those licensed for derivative works (those which you can alter to create your own artwork).

You've done a really nice piece of work here, it's just such a shame you've ripped someone else off to do so. As Linux users, most of what we do is based upon Open Source, which for many of us is a way to get free software, the legal way, Creative Commons is the art equivalent. Check it out: - Apr 14 2009