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by alwin
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Aug 21 2013
In kdesvn:

Settings -> KIO/Command line -> Don't show context menus in konqueror - Dec 07 2009
Hm. Looks like that kdesvn is build against other version of qt than running with... - Jun 30 2009
I have no idea whats going wrong. Looks like mailing lists a broken in general. :( - Jun 30 2009
This dependes on your KDE installation and can be overwritten with the


environment variable, eg., if you install kdesvn in /usr/local you must set



- Oct 15 2008
You're missing subversion and apr development libs, or them are on a special place, that case you should give option "-DSUBVERSION_INSTALL_PATH=<path>" to cmake.

- Oct 02 2008
You may try kde4-version snapshot (only source package, no binaries), see link in download section. - Sep 18 2008
Porting to kde4 is in progress but may cost a while - help is welcome ;) - Jul 17 2008
Dolphin has a plugin system like konqueror? Thats new to me. But as far as I know it uses the kio-protocolls from konqueror, too. But a view plugin in dolphin - I'll take a look. - May 19 2008
simply set the environment variable


to the tool you want.
This moment kdesvn respects this. - Apr 02 2008
Hm. Looks like my setup. You may try the packages from kdesvn-site, I'd test them inside this vmware-box. Or do you have a 64Bit-System? - Oct 17 2007
When this happens in most cases kdesvn loads a wrong library. And the rpm-spec for centos4 differs from the normal one due an error in qt-installation of it.


tried it in an old vmwared centos 4.5 i386: after modify the spec file adding that option above it worked fine. I'll put it next time on the website, too. but you should give more information about your system or use the bugtracker on - Oct 17 2007
'Cause not on every system quanta is installed, but if the short description ( isn't enough you complete/replace it.

I'll put this hints into handbook in next relese, too. - Oct 16 2007
no real idea, this mostly happens when "moc" isn't done. Or wrong linking flags

Do you use a 64bit system? If yes you may try exporting "LDFLAGS=-m64" and "CXXFLAGS=-m64" (or give it with commandline) and re-run cmake in a fresh(!) builddir.

Other ideas I don't have. - Aug 20 2007
do you open it with a "/" at the end? if yes, try it without last / - there is a small bug when detecting symbolic links - Aug 11 2007
do you open it with a "/" at the end? if yes, try it without last / - there is a small bug when detecting symbolic links - Aug 11 2007

not good. This should not happen.

but anyway: set


before running cmake. or in your case, remove content of build-folder and re-run it after setting this environment variable. - Aug 08 2007
Your kde is to old, you require at least kde 3.4.

you may try (if you wnat upgrade your'e kde) kde-redhat ( and you must upgrade to a newer subversion than 1.1 (the default in RHEL 4), for instance with - May 08 2007
I don't know what checkinstall does :) (I'm using Fedora) but you may use the debian packages? And I know that someone is setting up debs for (k)ubuntu. - Apr 03 2007
you must call make install as superuser eg. root.

but on (k)ubuntu the prefix should be /usr for kde-apps i think. so you should clear your build-folder and call

"cmake .. -DCMAKE_INSTALL_PREFIX=/usr"


"make install"

(make install of course as root.)

- Apr 02 2007
Busy-Cursor and diffing single item in commit dialog exists in latest release.

"hat "Still checking..." messages... it is just an indicator that something is running in the background hanging due network load. If somewhat comes over the network a progress message is displayed.

Cat and (un-)lock in context menu, I'll see when.

Passwords ... well, its a little bit tricky by design. I'm not sure how to handle it when I must see, that I "share" the accountdata with other subversion clients, too. Most times user don't like give information twice. The security problem I see, too. (thats why the default is NOT to save passwords) I'lll see how to handle it. - Mar 30 2007
ups. wrong comment on wrong place... but your'r right. I forgot to integrate it into gui. Comes with next release. - Mar 20 2007
ups. Forgot to implement it with subversion 1.4 (it is new since then) - Mar 20 2007
Ok, you're right. kdesvn didn't see replaced items on commits. is fixed and comes with next release.

tnx - Mar 17 2007
I'll check that, possible it is simply due a wrong display update (which a work on since a few days)

Rajko - Mar 16 2007
seems that you're build against qt4. eg., the moc-files are generated with tools from qt4-environment not with tools from qt3-devel-environment (but compiling/linking against qt3!)

Sorry for that: but kdesvn doesn't support qt4/kde4 this moment.

So check wich version of moc you have (moc -v), check if you have a moc-qt3 or similar and set environment MOC=/usr/bin/moc-qt3 for instance and re-run cmake on a clean(!) source tree.

hope that helps.

- Mar 05 2007
'Cause it was a pain to maintain it and it makes sometimes big trouble while building. But normaly cmake find the required folders exact the same way like autotools eg. configure does.

So it would better you'll send me the output of your cmake-step eg. whats going wrong.

And no: I'll never switch back to autotools. Except I'll get a complete and good documentation when typing "man automake" and don't have to read tons of m4 macros to get a hint what to do and why for adding a special file to build-process.

Sorry for that - send me ( or private) your output and I'll see.

Rajko - Oct 30 2006
This happens, when you have the header-files from svnqt elderly version installed.

I don't know why on some systems cmake doesn't set the include pathes that way the installed one will be ignored.

So check and remove if you have /usr/include/svnqt and remove it, than it should work. - Oct 06 2006
This is realy a problem with konqueror. The reason may be: getting the right context-menues requires some checks. On some systems this cost a lot - I don't know why, the call from konqueror times out - and this results not in an empty but in a wrong menu. Eg, seems that konqueror forget the content of the .desktop-file :S or put the result to the wrong entry.

The solution I have as idea would be switch of the dynamic component, eg., always give a full list of actions.

We'll see how to handle this. - Aug 28 2006
This error is fixed in 0.9.1, tnx for the info. - Jul 24 2006
you're right, it will be fixed in 0.9.0 - Jul 17 2006
try without username, eg, svn://host/path

Kdesvn now should ask for it. I'll checkt this, too. 'cause subversion should see that there is a username and should ask. Seems that there is a bug somewhere in kdesvn. - May 26 2006
I'll check and correct it. - May 26 2006
This behavior is when you using a repository via svn+ssh protocol.

You may take a look inside FAQ of handbook for the exact reasons or on for a description how it will work.

That prompt comes not from subversion or kdesvn but from ssh. This moment I've no idea how to deal with it 'cause I'll never get a callback from subversion lib to deal with that passwords myself. - May 26 2006
ups--- forgot to upload. fixed - Apr 21 2006
in debian unstable are deb-packages as far as I know. - Feb 08 2006
This will never work 'cause subversion don't understand this pseudo-filesystems from kde.

Eg., it must real mounted to localfilesystem. The one and only pseudo-FS from KDE kdesvn translates are parts of system:/ - protocol.

eg, all stuff like


and so on are specials inside kde to make life easier. but this works always with pure kde-based software only. From this moment a software depends on libs which has it own file-access it will not work. - Feb 08 2006
Kdesvn uses the subversion connectivity not that one from kde. But the NEON lib (a base of subversion) seems to respect the http_proxy environment.

This may set server specific inside the configuration of subversion itself (see chapter 7 of subversion handbook, )

But it is on my wishlist that from inside kdesvn users may edit this configuration - but this is future sound.... - Feb 01 2006

I think I'll make it configurable from inside kdesvn. Eg., default is not displaying it so that user not needing it will not see it. Other users may configure it if this main entries are visible.

This will work only for kde 3.5. I have no idea how to maintain it for kde 3.4 (it has no dynamic context menus), the one trick I could say may you remove the


file or edit it for your needs (as root of course).

but I'll find a way. Tnx for that hint. - Jan 31 2006
please check your subversion libs - it must version 1.2. From 0.7.x on kdesvn doesn't support prior version and this symbol is since 1.2. - Dec 07 2005
yes. now I know why rc1 - recursive add will get the key currently assigned to simple add. - Nov 11 2005
Is done in development tree (as you saw meanwhile?) - Oct 29 2005
Resolve editor is set on todo - but there is such a lot to do before... - Oct 29 2005
I think you must check the different prefixes.

eg., ./configure --prefix=`kde-config --prefix`

Check where the .desktop file is installed (kdesvn.desktop) and if the other .desktop files are there, too.

May that you must give extra dataprefix to configurescript. Is the menuentry in kde-menu there? - Oct 06 2005
multithreading will come.

But it will get a little bit hard and the main goal this moment is KIO integration of kdesvn eg svn:// protocols into konqueror - Oct 05 2005

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Jun 05 2006

is this project abandoned? - Feb 07 2008
seems yes - it uses dcop call inside menus which comes with 3.5 (I use it in kdesvn, too)

But another hint: replacing stuff from other guys with own menus isn't nice style. The current kde-owned subversion context menus aren't my favorite, too. But I would never have the idea that kdesvn will replace them.

You should create your own menu entries like kdesvn does. - Feb 27 2006

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Nov 24 2014
whats up with guys requiring qt3 due them make kde software (as you see this is a site for kde-apps) and kde will stay a while on qt3.

I tried to get the old QCanava 0.4 but there is no link on your site, I didn't find a link to repository to simply checkout the old branch, is it it possible to get it anywhere?

tnx - Mar 23 2006
amaroK Web Frontend

Audio Apps 63 comments

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Dec 18 2005
Tried it again - doesn't work. No output, nothing. A lot of warnings about missing indices and unknown variables but script will not give some output. I use php 5.0.4 with apache2, error reporting is set to full. No idea anymore and giving up.
:( - Feb 18 2006

Audioplayers 574 comments

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Aug 01 2011
ok, after all that answers making some points clear:

1. I'm not willing discuss about SMP vs. HT vs. Single CPU - this is not the forum for that. And I'm sure due my expirience: doesn't run on HT - doesn't run on (all) SMP-boards.

2. The problem to me wasn't that there was such a bug. Never. So don't say me I shouldn't cry about a bug. I didn't that.

3. The real point of an irritation was (and is) that I get a messagebox that I have to switch of a feature of my computer 'cause this software doesn't run on it. This is such a kind of snootily statement which never should happen.

So - you had fixed that. Real fine. But one request: You should never tell users to switch off parts of their hardware for a software. One "sorry - we have real trouble - may you help us?"-box is even better in such a situation.

now I think we may close that here.

Alwin - Oct 29 2005
Sorry guys.
But this was best joke I'd seen last years in software.

What do you think why guys buy a HT-cpu?
To switch that feature off for a mp3-software? Or to be able listen to their mp3 and make some usefull meanwhile with same machine?

Next time you should simply write "Sorry, we aren't able to work on such machines, we will fix that ASAP." and not "Please switch that off so we will work".

Hope, that will realy fixed. As nice as amarok is: But with such statements you may lose all your respect you got for your software. (and not just to me) And meanwhile I had to use other good threaded working mp3 player on my nice HT-cpu (enabled). - Oct 23 2005