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Alvonsius Albert Nainupu Yogyakarta, Indonesia
Faenza Variants

Icon Sub-Sets by spg76 25 comments

just found the solution

copy Faenza-Dark from /usr/share/icons to your local icon folder, say /home/yourname/.icons

edit index.theme, change these lines:

There you go ... faenza-variants-dark ^^ - Nov 10 2010

Full Icon Themes by alexibaba 41 comments


I realized something strange happen. It happen when I use your app to change the color (I'm using Humanity-Colors package), changed it into orange scheme. At first I know that MagIcons create a new iconset called MagIcon on the ~/.icon folder. But then all my Humanity Icon (the default one from Ubuntu) changed into orange scheme (all by means of Humanity, Humanity-Dark, Ubuntu-mono, Ubuntu-mono-dark). I tried to remove all the icons from ~/.icons and reinstall the Humanity and Ubuntu-mono icons but no use, they all coming back to orange scheme. Is this because of the application? Is there any configuration file that could I delete to revert the changes?

I attach the samples on: - May 07 2010
Elementary remix

GTK2 Themes by golan 37 comments

Thanks for the response, what I want to create is something like this:

Thanks ^^ - Jan 26 2010
Elementary remix

GTK2 Themes by golan 37 comments

Hi, i like your theme, but something I want to change is the window list panel. I would like to add more space on the upper and lower part of the panel, so the window list would not stick to the top / bottom side of the panel.

Is there anything I should change in the gtkrc?

Thanks - Jan 25 2010
Meliae SVG (dark and light panels)

Full Icon Themes by sora 45 comments

Wonderful iconset! Keep up the good works dude ^^ - Jan 20 2010

Full Icon Themes by perfectska04 824 comments

Hi there!

I've been waiting for the folder icon redesign, and now you did it. Thanks for it dude, keep it straight (I mean the folder icon, I didn't like the way the folder is curved in previous release ^^)

Keep it up man ... - Sep 25 2009
It seems in your preview that there is an icon in action button (e.g Cancel button), but there are none after I try the theme. Is there any way I could do it? - Aug 18 2009

GTK2 Themes by perfectska04 663 comments

Now this is what I've been waitin, the release of the Chocolate version (err ... dust I mean) ^^. I've been releasing my own modification of Chocolate version here since I've waited for a chocolate one very long but no sign of you releasing it that time.

And now here it comes ... cool

Still the emerald themes is needed here, but again you are awesome dude!

Thanks for the great theme - Jun 21 2009

GTK2 Themes by mazza558 15 comments

I try to download from your link but Firefox gave me Reported Attack Site. I know this somehow could not have any effect with Linux but could you move the download site to other mirror maybe?

Thanks - Jun 12 2009
Shiki Chocolate

GTK2 Themes by alvonsius 2 comments

You can get the wallpaper at

Enjoy! - Jun 11 2009

Wallpaper Other by go2n 3 comments

Hey ... I know dat place!! - Aug 23 2006

Karamba & Superkaramba by bennyfletch 3 comments

To all kubuntu users who doesn't want to install lm-sensors and still wanna get the same effect, here are some hack i did to perform the same effect ...

change: (line 59)
text x=105 y=83 sensor=sensor type="temp" format="%v°C" interval=1000 color=255,255,255 fontsize=12 font="candara" shadow=1

text x=105 y=83 sensor=program program="cat /proc/acpi/thermal_zone/THRM/temperature|grep 'temperature' | sed -e 's/.........................//'" color=255,255,255 fontsize=12 font="candara" shadow=1

One more, since the battery sensors on my laptop always showing "rate information unavailable" i just remove it using

change: (line 42)
acpi -b | sed -e 's/^[ \t]*//;s/Battery 1://;s/charging,//;s/dis//;s/^[ \t]*//;s/until charged/AC/;s/remaining/DC/'

acpi -b | sed -e 's/^[ \t]*//;s/Battery 1://;s/charging,//;s/dis//;s/^[ \t]*//;s/until charged/AC/;s/remaining/DC/' | sed -e 's/, rate information unavailable.//'

Hope somebody find it usefull ... i'm still newbie in this area :p - Mar 22 2006
Baghira Brushed skin for YaKuake

Yakuake Skins by caminoix 9 comments

I got some error about copying some files to the local folder. It seems you forget to create the directory tabs and title and do this fix in


data_dir=`kde-config --localprefix`'share/apps/yakuake/baghira-brushed/'
mkdir -p $data_dir
mkdir -p $data_dir/tabs
mkdir -p $data_dir/title

cp -f ./const/tabs/* $data_dir/tabs && cp -f ./const/title/* $data_dir/title
cp -f $source_scheme/tabs/* $data_dir/tabs && cp -f $source_scheme/title/* $data_dir/title
cp -f ./title/left.png $data_dir/title
cp -f *.skin $data_dir

and the problem solved ... - Mar 13 2006
obMascis Blue

Gnome Screenshots
by thewayofzen

Jan 26 2010
Jan 20 2010