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brian becker

System Software by rgfernandes 19 comments

It supports all the archive types that 7zip does, not just 7zip's own format. - Mar 18 2007
shutdownkonq Nice Girl

Various KDE 1.-4. Styles by mysio 7 comments

You can't edit the menu, it's hardcoded. Well you can always edit the ksmserver source and rebuild it (just the part for the shutdown menu).

Hopefully in KDE4 the default will be to use an XML interface file, which would be a lot easier to edit. It'd also make it a lot easier to add features like "Reboot to Windows", etc. - Feb 19 2007

Kbfx Startmenu by miss-dragon 4 comments

Don't ever log into a graphical desktop as root, administrator or whatever your OS calls it. Use su/sudo/kdesu in a konsole or Administrator Mode in the Control Center when you need to do something a normal user can't. - Dec 23 2006
NSA Theme (for 1280x800 only!)

KDM3 Themes by N-0-X 11 comments

You do have to install it in KDE's main directory (/usr/kde/, /opt/kde/, etc), if KDM is run by root on your system. In most cases it is. - Dec 23 2006