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Jay Klepacs Hamilton, Canada
Various KDE 1.-4. Improvements
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Animated Emoticons For Kopete

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May 05 2006
These are gorgeous and work perfect. Thanks! - Jul 16 2005

Various KDE 1.-4. Improvements 613 comments

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Mar 05 2008
Small patch for us generics.
Builds fine and works terrific !!! even w/ QT 3.3.5 :D

--- src/kbfx.cpp.orig 2005-06-13 23:52:43.000000000 +0000
+++ src/kbfx.cpp 2005-06-26 03:11:33.000000000 +0000
@@ -1,3 +1,5 @@

SRPM with patch, if needed. - Jun 26 2005
Hi. You just needed the GCC Suite located here:

To see what GCC Suite and alinux.iso contain:

Hope this helps.
Regards, - Jun 17 2005
Follow up from my last post. Installed QT lib v3.3.4 - I assumed it would possibly work but KDE didn't take, since it was compiled with CVS QT
in my previous post(s).

I'll wait until a hopeful KDE 3.4.2 releases then make sure it's freshly compiled against QT lib v3.3.4 - unless they update to a final QT lib v3.3.5 by then :-\ - or wait for KDE4 and have kbfx ported to QT4 and/or included in KDE by default :)

Regards, - Jun 16 2005
Hi, Thanks, I've just tried - no difference - same ERROR. I would think if I installed the actual correct QT lib v3.3.4, it would compile, but I cannot do that just yet without the risk of breaking my current KDE-Apps, since all were built using the CVS QT lib v3.3.5 - I don't want to risk breaking any other KDE-Apps.

When and if KDE comes out with an v3.4.2 of there KDE Desktop, I will switch back to QT lib v3.3.4.

In the meantime, I will install QT lib v3.3.4 to test this kbfx build and make sure it's not something else like 'automake', 'sed', 'gcc3' or even 'binutils' setting up the build, a way it shouldn't be.

I shall return, soon, with the results :-) If I really love KBFX as much as I do already with the visualizing of it here, I may recompile all KDE-Apps plus all other non KDE-Apps I've acquired elseware, (seems worth it now :).
Lets hope:
Maybe the KDE4 crew will put this into CVS, when appropriate timing permits :-)

Thanks again. - Jun 16 2005
First let me say, beautiful work. I fell in LOVE as soon as I seen KBFX.

This will most likely become my default kicker, if I can accomplish the compile ;-)

Now for my short sob.
I get the same ERROR as the other gentlemen - This may be the fact that we both are using a CVS of QT-3.3.5 w/ KDE 3.4.1 Stable or?

kbfx.cpp: In function `QString getusername()':
kbfx.cpp:33: error: `getuid' undeclared (first use this function)
kbfx.cpp:33: error: (Each undeclared identifier is reported only once for each
function it appears in.)
kbfx.cpp: In member function `void kbfx::setfx()':
kbfx.cpp:351: warning: comparison of promoted ~unsigned with constant
kbfx.cpp: In member function `void kbfx::dropSkin(QDropEvent*)':
kbfx.cpp:123: warning: unused parameter `QDropEvent*e'
kbfx.cpp: In member function `virtual int kbfx::widthForHeight(int) const':
kbfx.cpp:379: warning: unused parameter `int height'
kbfx.cpp: In member function `virtual int kbfx::heightForWidth(int) const':
kbfx.cpp:386: warning: unused parameter `int width'
kbfxmenu.cpp: In member function `virtual void
kbfxmenu.cpp:78: warning: unused parameter `QMouseEvent*e'
make[2]: *** [libkbfx_la.all_cpp.lo] Error 1

- Any ideas? - God Bless - Jun 15 2005