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Ignacio Marmolejo Guadalajara, Mexico
Elegant Brit

GTK2 Themes by fmrbpensador 284 comments

I also have the same problem, the text displayed in cpu frequency gnome applet is unreadable (it is in black text color). Also in monodevelop when going to the preferences it is unreadable too. - May 20 2009
Bluesky TuxConcert

Wallpaper Other by lizardking 5 comments

Hey this one sends me to the version 1600x1200 could it be fixed or there is no version of 1280x1024??? - Jun 15 2007
Murrina Obsidian

GTK2 Themes by agentdunken 17 comments

Great theme, this is one of my darkest favorite themes, but I'm having some troubles with firefox, could you navigate to and watch what I'm talking about.

Thanks any help with be apreciate to become this my default theme, actually I'm using Murrina Gray-Blue - Feb 13 2007

GTK2 Themes by SiMoNsAyS 44 comments

Does anybody know which engine do I need to use this theme??? - Feb 11 2007
Scaled : Black 2

GTK2 Themes by twigsby 10 comments

Hi is a very nice work, but just curious which gtk theme r u using? - Dec 22 2006
Truth for linux

GTK2 Themes by unforgivenII 78 comments

This is a very very good theme, I just would loke to ask which icon theme r u using? - Dec 12 2006

GTK2 Themes by liviopl 4 comments

Very nice theme.

How do you do that menu in gnome or what app r u using?

I liked it i would like to have it in my gnome :)

Which version of rezlooks engine do I need? - Dec 04 2006