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Full Icon Themes by csmart 39 comments

This is a great set of icons. Congratulations for your hard work; please, keep working improving this icons set. I go them on Ubuntu 8.04 and everything seems to be working just fine. Its appear that for some unknown reason for me, when we went to the current gnome release, the old set of icons from other themes quit working. I don't know the technical stuff why that happened, but annoyed me quite a bit. Do you know about some sort of conversion tool to update the old icon themes to the new gnome release?

Cheers - May 19 2008
Gfxboot Grub theme ubuntu ultimate

GRUB Themes by cjorge 7 comments

I don't really like the artwork nor the colors, but it is an excellent job; I have to admit even when I don't like it is an outstanding job.
Keep up the good work
:) - Nov 20 2007

Cliparts by epsilom 1 comment

This is great mate. Can you do the same for Ubuntu ? - Oct 31 2007
by the way. where did you get the bottom bar to look like that? - Oct 25 2007
I installed this theme by dragging and dropping the tar.gz file into the Apearance preferences in Ubuntu 7.10 and I noticed the package does not have an index.theme file on it; for such, the theme does not appear listed along the other themes. Are you all guys going to include the index.theme file the next version? or perhaps is somthing you forgot at the moment when you built the package?
I always like to add the themes in to /usr/shares/themes so I can share the theme system wide; but it does not work without the index.theme file. Or maybe I'm mistaken and it doesn't fully integrate with gnome 2.20, since I read the icons doesn't work on that version. - Oct 25 2007