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>>Watch "Good night and Good luck" then and get over it!
You may watch too much tv and lack reading.

>>Did the USSR burn Jews?
No but they killed some (most of them were, I admit included in their Gipsy's genocide)

>>Did the USSR declare war over the Western Europe & the US?
Absolutely, Germany and URSS attacked Poland together in 1939. In 1941, Germany betrayed the USSR (operation barbarossa), leaving no choice to the USSR but to join the allies...

Hitler was a cheerleader compared to Staline. A consensus is set on Staline : he has murdered 20 million people (live buried --read Mickael Strogoff, killed because the teamate they were bound to couldn't walk anymore during deportations, and many more joyfull ways of slaying people).

>>This blatant stupidity pisses me off.
So is yours

>>If you don't know anything about the subject, WIKIPEDIA IT!
That's a good start but not the only way. In the mean time here's the link for you :

I am sure 20M of families are glad that you enlighted them on the profound kindness of communism.

As for the icons : they look good, but are as you can see, they are not taken on the second dergree as they should be, due to a lack of knowledge (and the arrogance) of most of people.

Creepy to read things like that.
- Jan 18 2007