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Retrosmart Aurorae themes

Aurorae Themes 5 comments

Score 58.0%
Oct 24 2019
hey mdomlop
it is still completely wrong:

minimize button is longer by 1 pixel than it should be
maximize button is wider by 1 pixel than it should be
close button is not anti-aliased, but it should be

every button should be moved up by 1 pixel
every button should be moved right by 4 pixels
the close button should be 1 pixel closer to the right edge - Oct 20 2019
your buttons positions and shape are way off
here is a comparison to win10: - Nov 17 2018

Various Plasma Theming 22 comments

Score 75.6%
Nov 01 2018
I just tested this on a fresh install of Kubuntu 18.10
Works perfectly
What does not work for you?
- Jan 13 2019
in the window decoration settings set the border size to none
did this help? - Dec 21 2018
I added dependency list for OpenSUSE.
Please check the readme: - Nov 18 2018
what kind of buttons do you think of? - Mar 12 2018
I updated the installation instructions with new packages and removed unnecessary code.
Could you please try again? - Mar 12 2018

Aurorae Themes 11 comments

Score 70.0%
Oct 16 2018
That's not a line.
That's the blur area behind the window, and the window decoration happens to be smaller than the window size, that's why it is visible. If you disable blur in your theme that "line" will go away. This should be fixed in your theme, I think your decoration should be 1 or 2 pixel bigger. I have never created a theme, so I don't know where to set the window decoration boundaries.
As for window decorations with rounded corners, the rectangular corners of the blur area are slightly visible, but not like in your image, only the corners. This is a bug in KWin and should be fixed (maybe when I'll have some time). - Oct 24 2018
What kind of strange line? Could you post a screenshot? - Oct 24 2018
Your desktop theme provides a nice dark border around the edges for the panel, while the aurorae them does not:

Would you consider adding a dark border around the windows too to match the theme and make the contrast better? - Oct 24 2018
KDE Material WIP

KDE Plasma Screenshots 3 comments

Score 63.3%
Dec 08 2017
What font are you using? - Oct 24 2018
Lindows 10 Theme Pack

Aurorae Themes 6 comments

Score 63.3%
Oct 19 2018
The buttons are still nowhere close to actual win10... :( - Oct 24 2018
Top is Lindows 10
Bottom is Windows 10 - Apr 14 2018
It's all misaligned - Apr 14 2018
Plasma 5.13 Kokkini Wallpaper

Wallpapers KDE Plasma 4 comments

Score 68.8%
Apr 20 2018
Looks VERY nice.
The top left corner of the wallpaper should not be noisy, else the icon text readability suffers. See:
It is distracting.
My suggestion and the laziest (partial) solution would be to simply horizontally mirror the image. See:
But then the dark color that were supposed to go right are not at the left side. So it would be even better to switch the gradients too.
Desktop icons are very widely used and their readability is really important to users. - Apr 20 2018