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Alessio Milani , Italy
QLandkarte GT

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Jul 11 2011
Wouldn't be the time for a dedicated repository? I think this usefull tool would be more widely spreaded and used over the GNU/Linux community. Compiling from sources may be a pain fo an average user and grabbing it (e.g.) from Debian repository it's still a nightmare due to dependencies.
My 2 cents. - Nov 08 2009
Nevermind: Google helped me again in finding an useful link in Launchpad. - Jan 10 2009
I've downloaded, compiled and installed the latest qlandkartegt version but after launching it, it crashes immediately.
Google helped me in findig the source of the problem: a bug in gdal 1.5.5-2.
Unlucky my attempts in compiling an updated gdal version failed so I ask if there's any safe repository with such updated library available somewhere.
I'm using Kubuntu 8.10 with KDE4.2 beta2.
Thank you very much. - Jan 09 2009
Customizable Weather Plasmoid (CWP)

Plasma 4 Widgets 1069 comments

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Sep 02 2017
Really an amazing job! Keep it up! - Apr 11 2009

Plasma Themes 89 comments

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Mar 13 2010
Hey this is going to be one of my favourite (if not the favourite) theme ever!
Simply awesome man! - Apr 05 2009
Oxygen Folders (countries & fun)

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Jan 27 2011
Some are really funny.
Keep up the good work! - Jan 05 2009

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Jan 13 2010
Yes, it does.
To say the truth sometimes I manage to laucnh it via Playwolf but it doesn't happens everytime and never by clicking on the (I guess) correct button. I've experimented a little (by fuzzy clicking here and there overe Playwolf buttons) and Amarok is launched by clicking the Play/Pause, Next/Previuous and Stop buttons. But, I repeat, it doesn't happens everytime.
Moreover Playwolf remember both the passed and remaining time of the last played song, even with an empty playlist.
- Dec 23 2008
I can't understand if the display Amarok button is intented only for a maximization operation or if it would even launch the application.
In the second case it doesn't work for me.
In the first case I think it would be a good idea to add this feature which would increase Playwolf usability by removing the need to start Amarok via krunner, panel icon, etc. - Dec 23 2008
Playwolf 0.3.1 .deb (checkinstall)
Made in Kubuntu 8.10 KDE4.2 beta2 - Dec 22 2008
Versione 0.3.1 installata con checkinstall, tutto ok.
Bellissimo plasmoide.
Ottimo lavoro! - Dec 21 2008
Service Menu Manager

Various KDE 1.-4. Improvements 32 comments

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Sep 14 2009
Eheh, I'm a newbie too. :)
By the way, is cmake installed in your OS?
sudo apt-get install cmake
It looks like a specific folder is missing...
Be sure all the necessary .dev libraries are installed too, along with build-essential. - Dec 15 2008
By installing them manullay they placed themeselves in /home/USERNAME/.kde4/share/apps/kcm_sm.
Still I can't get any of them by web installer and the "download" folder is empty. - Dec 15 2008
It's all OK now: I had to reinstall the servicemenus to make them appears in the window manager, but now they are displayed correctly. :)

The get from the web thing is still not working, but maybe this depends by something else I guess.

Again: very good job! - Dec 14 2008
Hi, first off congratulation for your job: you had a very good idea.

I'm on Kubuntu 8.10 with KDE4.2 Beta.
Compiling went good, however I had to manually edit two lines in the CMakeCache.txt (lines 639 and 716) since cmake gave me some error output about wrong directories. By changing username and directory path there all were OK.

Servicemenus installation went OK, but actually I can't see them displayed on the Service Menu Manager window so that removing/info diplaying is impossible.
Neither the Get New Themes (serivce menu) appears to work for me. - Dec 14 2008
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Nov 20 2009
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Apr 11 2009

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by mbaszczewski

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Apr 11 2009

Plasma Themes
by jmtodaro

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Apr 04 2009

Plasma 4 Widgets
by giucam

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Dec 30 2008
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Dec 30 2008