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Alexandre Fontaine Reunion, France
Yes it is. But when i wanted to put the OSM package in the screenlet dialog it says what i paste yesterday. When i open the screenlet package the folder have the same name but not the .py. I don't understand :-( - Feb 14 2008
When i want to put it in my screenlets it says me " Invalid archive. Archive must contain a directory with the screenlet's name. " I tried to rename different part of the screenlet but it doesn't accept.

Excuse me for the language i'm french and i don't speak english very well - Feb 13 2008
I can use it due to the package name. can you help me ? - Feb 13 2008
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Nautilus Scripts by Adaron 54 comments

For french package :

# Language Settings ---------------------------------------------------- #
destination='Choisir la destination'
title_destination='Destination : '

copy='Copie en cours'
title_copy='Patientez svp...'

success='Les archives ont été copiées avec succès'

errors='Erreur pendant la copie'

no_writable='La destination n existe pas ou est protégé en écriture'
# End of language settings ----------------------------------------------#

Enjoy ! - Feb 13 2008