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Alessandro Bompadre
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Potenza 2.0

Full Icon Themes 2 comments

Score 75.3%
Sep 15 2014
Thanks for the suggestion ;) I will try a different color - Sep 14 2014
Potenza 2.0

Full Icon Themes 6 comments

Score 82.0%
Sep 15 2014
it was my pleasure ;) - Sep 11 2014

Plasma Themes 5 comments

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Dec 18 2012
Anche io ne cercavo uno :D non trovandolo l'ho fatto :D

I also was looking for something like that :D since I could not find it, I made it: D - Dec 24 2012
Grazie per il commento ^_^
ho già fatto un piccolo update con panneli scuri opachi.

Thanks for your comment ^_^
I've just made a little update with dark opaque panels. - Dec 16 2012

Full Icon Themes 16 comments

Score 75.3%
Dec 23 2012
note that this set of icons is very large, not only change most of the system icons but also those of many common programs, as many applications about word processing, file compression, image editing, etc. - Dec 23 2012
Grazie sto controllando, credo sia un problema con in link - Dec 23 2012
this is a really nice idea, you can just do it going to scalable folder, there is every icon in svg format ( it should be considered a vector template )

feel free to make new icons and send me your suggestion for next update ^_^
- Nov 27 2012
Il set è stato pacchettizzato come deb e testato su ubuntu 12.10 dove ha funzionato perfettamente, ti ringrazio per il consiglio provvedo a pacchettizzarlo diversamente così che sia più facile da istallare.

Mi rendo conto delle dimensioni, ma è un set di icone basato su oxygen, ho cercato di coprire veramente tutte le icone, e so di non esserci ancora riuscito a pieno, parlo sopratutto delle action, dove ancora c'è da aggiungere, non vuole essere un set di icone che copre la maggior parte di quelle usate, vuol essere il set di icone di default della distribusione Mystras OS, quindi possibilmente vuole coprire tutto il possibile, non si vuole essere sufficienti, si vuol essere definitivi.



The set was packaged as a deb and tested on Ubuntu 12.10 where worked perfectly, thank you for the advice I provide to package in a different manner for an easier installation.

I know that it has a big size, but it is a set of icons based on oxygen, one of most complete iconset, I really tried to cover all the icons, and I know it's not full yet.

I speak especially about the actions, where there is more to be added,This icon set does not want simply covers most of those used, it wants to be the default set of icons of Mystras OS. So, possibly, want to cover all possible.

It doesn't want to be sufficient, it is meant to be definitive. - Nov 26 2012

Icon Sub-Sets 3 comments

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Dec 22 2012
I 've just updated a new version with much more application icons modded - Dec 22 2012

Icon Sub-Sets 22 comments

Score 83.3%
Dec 22 2012
Thnaks for your advice,now it would work, ^_^

as soon as possible we will update more :) - Dec 20 2012
Thnaks for your advice,now, it would work, ^_^

as soon as possible we will make more updare

:) - Dec 20 2012
Thank you for the positive comment was a long job, a special thanks to Uri Herrera for support.

The reason why I do not use symbolic links is mainly due to the fact that icons of different sizes are created automatically by a linux script that cannot work with symbolic links, it burdens the size of the set, but greatly reduces production time allowing me to concentrate my efforts on the icon making.

Inside the folder namede "scalable" you will find all svg files that can be useful to create new icons.

We might be interested about insert in the next release of Mystras OS some modded version of Potenza, so if you plan to work about that feel free to contact me for work togheter.

we plan to release soon the next versions of Potenza with much more icons and a lighter size, any help will be appreciated and anyone who wants to help will be mentioned into the credits of next release. - Dec 05 2012
could you say me what browser and what application for file compression are you using?

I tried with Rekonq and Ark and everything worked fine - Nov 28 2012
al momento il nostro team è ancora piccolino e non riusciamo a seguire anche un canale IRC però se qualcuno volesse gestirlo saremmo felicissimi di poterlo aggiungere al gruppo ^_^ - Nov 27 2012
^_^ thank you - Nov 26 2012
and Kmess Also, probably there will be soon an update ^_^ - Nov 26 2012

when the work started I was thinking about MIUI icon set :P - Nov 26 2012
Thanks :)
It was a big work :) we would as soon as possible update actions iconset.

Because of the size of Potenza, we are wondering about create very little packages as updates ^_^ - Nov 26 2012
Miry KDM

KDM4 Themes 2 comments

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Nov 28 2012
this is a theme, if you want the wallpaper here is it ^_^ - Nov 28 2012