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Aleksander Modzelewski Warsaw, Poland
Olive Suite

GTK2 Themes by twigsby 46 comments

Why are the customizations of Tango are made in such a weird way? I have made it like this ( so that it inherits the (hopefully) already installed Tango theme, only overriding the icons of folders. I don't really know the index.theme structure, but this works for me. Have I missed something? (apart from the fact, that I need to keep the original Tango theme installed :>) - Mar 09 2006
Battle Of The Machines

Wallpaper Other by Susu 2 comments

Aigh. The resoultion & compression killed it. A shame - the low-res preview looks really great. - Jun 28 2005
ALI - KMenu - Suggestion

Various KDE 1.-4. Improvements by zammi 9 comments

Naw, that's not too similiar to XP - modulo icon theme :)

Anyway, I'd rather see such searches as an applet in
That would be really nice :) - Jun 17 2005