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Alberto Pino

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Mar 04 2014

Can you tell me the specific steps to do that? I try several times but I don't know which is the menu / field that I have to set up with file.obj

Thank you for this wonderfull program! - Nov 25 2013
KGraphViewer and KGraphEditor

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by kleag
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Nov 14 2010
Yes, it works. I use it with the .dot files of example that comes with SocNetV, another graph editor although with other purposes I think.
It is a software equivalent to Kgrapheditor will be?
I used to use dotedit or graphthing to experiment with nodes, although dotedit don't work anymore....
Thank you for your soon reply. I will follow this project closely and tried to participate sending bugs if there are any.

Greetings! - Apr 15 2012
I installed from ubuntu repositories and I have both programs version 2.1.1 but they don't do anything (i want to use kgraphedit). I tried all the things that I can think of... and also search google. So if anyone can post a link of a tutorial or something like that (although I think that the application maybe is broken) it will be great

Greetings - Apr 14 2012