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Alan McKinnon

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Mar 27 2008
I used Cthulhain for a long long time, glad to see it's still as nice as ever :-)

I don't use it these days, I've since switched to BlackThemeG, but please do keep up the good work.

What changes did you make for this version? - Mar 27 2008
SimpleStone 17

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Mar 20 2008
The download link is broken, as it eventually resolves to this URL:

- Mar 20 2008
GreenFolder 17

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Mar 16 2008
The download link is broken, it exits with an error that host "http" does not exist - Mar 16 2008
23Oz. 'entrance' theme

E Entrance Themes 4 comments

by sda
Score 50.0%
Apr 04 2008
OK, finally got it downloaded. Konqueror doesn't handle redirects from e17-stuff well so I usually right-click -> Open with Firefox.

Doesn't work with rapidshare though :-( Seems to always think something else is downloading a file from the same IP. Konqueror works fine though, go figure :-)

Nice theme, interesting how you tried a completely new layout - most entrance themes seem to just change the background, colours, and shape of the display widgets.

It's not my taste - I prefer the dark themes like Black and darkrevolution, but I can see this one would appeal to many. Well executed too, so well done and thanks for all your hard work in all these many and varied e17 themes! - Feb 18 2008
RapidShare is problematic for users who want to download your stuff - I'm sure you are already aware of this.

Might I suggest using SourceForge or GoogleCode to host projects? - Feb 17 2008

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by sda
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Oct 09 2009
Unfortunately, Rapidshare does NOT work for me. I have not been able to d/l any of your theme uploads for almost two months now. It continually tells me that my captcha entry is wrong (it isn't) or that too many slots are in use by my country.

So, sorry, I'd like to help beta test SRV but if your chosen download site is braindead, I can't - Nov 20 2007
Entrance Black Theme

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Oct 30 2007
is there a download url to the previous version of this theme anywhere (released sometime around 18 Aug) ?

I find this latest one has a "herringbone" type background with the elbuntu logo. The previous version didn't have this and looked much better on my widescreen gentoo box. So I much prefer that one

alan - Oct 30 2007
entrance_edit_gui in e17 CVS works just fine for this.

You can also do it the long hard way round with ecore_config and there's a config file creation script installed with the binaries somewhere. I haven't used it for ages but it pretty much worked ok for me last time I used it - Oct 29 2007
SeaStorm Theme

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Sep 29 2007
Thanks for the offer, but no more need - I was eventually able to get RapidShare's servers to believe that I am a human living on Earth and that maybe it would be OK to let me download a file. - Oct 09 2007
Yes please :-)

I have constant problems getting anything out of rapidshare - sometimes the captchas just never work, or there are too many users already using rapidshare from my ISPs ADSL pool, or it just fails with no reason. All these problems will of course go away if I pay rapidshare $...

I would really appreciate it if you could host this theme elsewhere. Thanks, - Oct 06 2007
Please host the download on an alternative site that actually works for non-paying users. - Sep 29 2007
Imago (ex BlackTheme)

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Aug 24 2012
It's not called "weather", it's called "forecasts"

:-) - Sep 21 2007

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Sep 04 2007
thanks! - Sep 03 2007
Nice looking theme if you like green. Some things I noticed:

1. The text in the wm selection drop down is coloured slightly darker grey on slightly lighter grey. I can read it, but there really should be more contrast so that everyone else can read it too (including people with poor quality monitors, poor eyesight, etc)
2. Where are the reboot/shutdown icons? Not having these makes the theme unusable for me on a notebook.
3. The preview in the .edj bears no resemblance to what appears on the screen.
4. My display is 1680x1050 and the e logo appears as a distorted oval shape, not nice and round. - Sep 02 2007